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Flu is very much common nowadays. It will start out with sneezing, then running nose and followed by cough and headache. It maybe brought by change in weather and mostly common during rainy season. We may consider it as mild sickness but if it will strike us, our jobs and daily routine will still be affected. As the best advice ever, prevention is still better than cure. We should eat a lot of fruits reach in vitamin C or food supplements that will boost our immune system. Enough rest is a must so that our body would not be easily infected with any viruses. Drinking a lot of water could also help because it is one way of cleansing our body.In this rainy season, having a flu is really a no, no. Don't get yourself infected with flu. Take care.

Driving Lessons

It was my first time to be taught how to drive a non-automatic car. At first, I'm hesitant but I am very much willing to learn. My bf had been my instructor and we also used his car. Here are some of the things I've learned. First thing I did was to get familiarize with the parts of the car and its functions. I got to know what is clutch, brake, accelerator, gear shifter, signal lights and others. For a non-automatic car there are three pedals. The pedal to the right is the accelerator, in the left is the clutch and in between is the brake. Left leg must step only on the left pedal which is the clutch. Right leg may step on the brake or the accelerator. Before putting the key into ignition, check first if it is in the neutral gear. Shifting of gear cannot be done without stepping first at the clutch. So when you change gear, step on the clutch at the same time. To start up, step on the clutch and set the gear shifter into the first gear. Clutch and accelerator go hand in hand,

I'm Back

It's been a couple of days since the last time I blog. Since that time, a lot of big events happened which I haven't been able to share with you. (Assuming I have a reader.:)). Well, here some of the things happened lately. My mother is now okay after having high blood pressure of course with the help of a lot of medicines. I had been able to grab a DVD copy of Gossip Girl TV series from season 1 to 3 which I had been so engrossed into that I religiously watch it every night. Still at home, my mother bought a multi-carry car which was already blessed and hopefully by Saturday we could use it in going into our hometown and to test its durability as well. In line with my job, as usual I'm always busy but little by little I am starting to enjoy it and recently I celebrated my first year anniversary in working in the company. Time flies so fast, I barely notice it. In politics, the results of the Philippine election had been finalized. Twelve senators had already take their oat