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Amidst Yolanda

Typhoon Yolanda brought so much destruction but it made the Filipino spirit stronger. These photos were taken Day 3 after Typhoon Yolanda hit Tacloban and some parts of the Philippines. It so happens that my husband and his companions made a land trip from Manila  to Cotabato and they were able to passby some areas hit by Typhoon Yolanda. They were stranded their for one day due to heavy traffic and he was able to capture some of these photos. No matter how big or small, latest edition or old, expensive or cheaper, these vehicles became worthless when Yolanda passby. Even this ship reach the mainland when it is supposed to be at the sea due to the strong force of Yolanda. This was the scenario at the streets of Tacloban outside the city proper at Day 3 after Yolanda struck. These people are residents in here who survive Yolanda and some are residents from nearby provinces in search for food. Lucky enough, on this day a ship arrived with sacks of rice and other good