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Swollen Finger

        Until now, I still don't know what causes my ring finger to swell. I just woke up in the middle of the night that my finger is aching. Even a simple touch, badly hurts. My husband decided that I must take a one day leave in my work so that my fingers could relax for a while. I let it to be massage just in case there are affected nerves that must be corrected. The woman who massaged it told me that it might have been bitten by an insect and that it is just an allergic reaction.  Someone also told us that it might have some wounds and that a tiny foreign object is still in there that might causes the swelling. I am inspecting it very carefully but I couldn't find even a tiny wound on it. Another person told us that it might be an arthritis in the fingers that is why it is swelling. Even if I don't know what causes the swelling, I just took tablets of Amoxicillin and put hot compress on it. Thank God, after a day of swelling it returned back to its normal shape. Finge

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Riviera Maya

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Another Incident of Snatching

        Another incident of snatching happened and the latest victim is my officemate. She was walking along the road of the private subdivision where our office was located together with her husband. When suddenly someone in a black motorcycle, which is without a plate number, snatch her bag. At first, she thought it is just one of our office mates' pranks on her but it was not. Before they could take action on it, the bag was already taken away by that motor rider in a black jacket.         Few weeks ago a lot of incidents like these happened nearby. My other office mate saw how that motor rider snatcher grab the bracelet of a motorcycle passenger near our office. The victim left nothing to do but to scream for help. Few days after, it was in the news that a number of snatchers were killed. It gave us some relief that maybe the snatching will stop. However with this new incident, my office mates and I don't anymore walk alone and was more vigilant if there is a motorcycle. H


       Few weeks ago I was required to submit my medical certificate as a pre-employment requirement to the government agency where I applied a couple of months ago. As expected, the lab results indicated that I have lower blood count as a result of having abnormal menstruation. After completing my lab results which are neuro, x-ray, blood, urine and drug test, I was already ready for the physical exam so that my medical certificate will be released. While weighing in, I could not believe that I gained a lot of pounds the last time I weigh in. I was shocked that I was in the weighing scale for a couple of minutes for I could not believe that I weigh that much. There are  some doubts in my mind that maybe the weighing scale is not functioning well or that maybe the numbers I got is incorrect or that instead of kilos it is in pounds. I stayed so long in the weighing scale that the nurse is already asking for my weight and is now volunteering to assist me because I might not know how to w

Boiled Egg

           For me, boiled egg is the easiest viand to cook. If I don't have so much time to cook I will just put the raw egg in  a casserole, put water and wait for it to be boiled. Just recently, I had been able to learn new ways in cooking the boiled egg. If I would also cook rice, I will just put the raw eggs on it so that at the time the rice will already be cooked, I would also have boiled egg at the same time. It is faster and easier way of cooking boiled egg. It also maximizes my time. When I am cooking raw eggs my usual problem is that it will break after so much heat and it will not be anymore intact. My landlady advised me to put the raw eggs in the cellophane and boil the raw eggs while inside the cellophane. I tried it and even though the egg broke it was still intact. It is only now that  I was able to know that there is much better way of cooking boiled egg. 

Happy Birthday Mamang!!!

      Today is my mamang's birthday. My siblings and I called her Mamang which means mother in Ilonggo dialect. Eventhough today is her birthday, I wasn't been able to go home to the province to join the celebration. I am thankful that my mother understands my reason why I could not be able to come. I always pray and wish that she would always stay healthy, happy, safe and financially  stable. I couldn't help myself from crying the last time she got sick. Hope she will never got sick anymore. I know that even though I am now married, I would always be her baby. I love you always Mang. God Bless and Happy happy Birthday!