Happy Birthday Mamang!!!

      Today is my mamang's birthday. My siblings and I called her Mamang which means mother in Ilonggo dialect. Eventhough today is her birthday, I wasn't been able to go home to the province to join the celebration. I am thankful that my mother understands my reason why I could not be able to come. I always pray and wish that she would always stay healthy, happy, safe and financially  stable. I couldn't help myself from crying the last time she got sick. Hope she will never got sick anymore. I know that even though I am now married, I would always be her baby. I love you always Mang. God Bless and Happy happy Birthday!



mikexplorer said...

God helps them that help themselves.alwys suporting her.

mikexplorer said...

A life without cause is a life without effect.Suporting bak.

chloe said...

Happy Birthday Mamang. God Bless!

mikexplorer said...

Love is a serious mental disease. Suporting bak.

Balut said...

Hi, found you from KM's blog.
Your lovely mom and I are in the same birthday month, Happy Birthday to your mom :)
You may want to visit me back and join the fun here by granting my wish:

Thanks and see u around!

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