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Girls’ Plans

        I was so happy to be able to find a group of girl friends that I could get along well. I could have some bonding time with them like eating together, going to sing along bars, shopping and strolling around. Aside from our bonding time, we could also talk any topics we like even naughty ones and laugh about it.  Being with them is a stress reliever. I am looking forward for our future girl plans. One of our naughty plans is to visit a gay bar. One of our friends shared her experience in going to a gay bar. Though it might not be included in the complete list of the world’s best gay bars and clubs , according to her the experience is unforgettable. I doubt if I could come to a gay bar but the plan that excites me the most is our ASIA travel. One of our friends works in a travel agency and encouraged us to travel abroad. We already processed our passports and started to save for our travel expenses. Hope this plan would take place and let us have an unforgettable and enjoyable t

LA in Action

      I was so glad to be able to be a part of the LA (Ladies Auxiliary) department of our church. LA is the department for married women in our church and recently the 3rd Regional LA conference was held. It was my first time to attend a LA regional conference and it was worth it. When I was informed about it, I was hesitant at first because of my job. I was tasked to play at a scrabble  game to represent our section that it compelled me more to attend the said event. It was a three-day event and I was able to attend the last two days of it.It was held at Camp Mariano in Marbel, which is very memorable for me, it is where I receive my holy Ghost baptism during the District LA Conference last year. The feeling of being in the LA conference is very wonderful. It is the feeling that I won't exchange for the monetary worth of my leave absences. Aside from the experiences, I was also able to learned a lot especially from the American speaker Sis. Gleyson.  Another amazing thing that h

Single Women

          Looking for a suitable partner is very difficult nowadays especially for career oriented women. This women had been so busy with their career that they neglected to give some time on the other aspect of their life. They had been so focused with their job that as years pass by they remained single. It was only on their late twenties or thirties that they became aware that time is running out and that they should have already found their partner in life. For Filipino women, culture dictates that man should be the one who will court first but as time pass by this courting rule has been set aside. A lot of Filipino women already do the initiative in looking for their partner especially in free dating sites . Though many single women found their partner for life through it,others remained single for the rest of their life.

Neglected PPP Offers

              I'm so disappointed with myself. I had already neglected several Payperpost offers. Before I could be able to write the post it was already expired and to think that I am given three days to publish it. I was so busy with my work, MBA studies, church activities and personal things. I am supposed to be happy that I had been given a chance to write blog posts  with a fee but I lack some time to do it. Lately, the offers are diminishing and I would already be lucky enough if I could have one offer in a week which I still could not submit. I was so busy at work that I just came home to sleep and could not already open my laptop to update my blogs. My MBA class also consumed most of my free time wherein I had to answer my assignments and prepare myself for the reporting tasks assigned to us. I expressed to my husband my disappointments towards the offers I neglected. He told me that I should not have to because I just prioritized more important things. He has a point to t

Having Fun While Learning

        I never thought that learning could be full of fun as well. Enrolling myself in an MBA class entails a lot of paperworks, reporting, time constraints and stress as well but it really  matters in how you handle things and the people you are with. I am happy to be  able to find a circle of friends in my MBA class. Aside from having a classmate who is also my officemate, I also have classmates that are friendly and funny to be with who became our friends. We had a lot of fun every class and we have some sort of girl bonding after class. We also had our lunch together in different eat-all-you can establishment. Last Saturday, we went to a KTV bar to sing out our stress. I am also excited for our future plan to visit three cities in Asia with the help of our classmate who works in a travel agency. With my circle of friends, I am really having fun while learning.