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Fellowship in Renibon

      Renibon is a remote barangay of our town but still UPC has a church in there. Every once a month, the Men's Department, the  married men of the church, visit this little church in Renibon. Eventhough I am not part of it my husband invited me to come. We traveled by motorcycle, crossed seven rivers and tracked down the steep road. It was very challenging with the drizzle but it is full of fun with the splashing of water in every river we crossed. No matter how challenging the road had been, we never turned back and had been able to achieve our intention to have a fellowship at Renibon. Thank you Lord for the safe travel and for the adventure we experienced.       

Dallas Wins

What a game it had been. Dallas Mavericks versus Miami Heat in Game 6 of the NBA finals wherein Dallas wins. Dallas scored 105 while Miami 95. It was Dallas first NBA championship and their star player Dirk Nowitzski was hailed as MVP of the finals. Congratulations Dallas! Thanks for the good game you had given; I had a great time every time I watch you guys.