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Plans, plans, plans...

There are a lot of  plans in my mind right now. One thing is for sure, I have to look for another job. My job was okay, it pays well along with overtime, meals and taxi refund but there is something wrong with it. It requires a lot of time that I do not have enough time anymore to socialize, study and spend more time with my family. For several months already, I was consistently going home from 8PM to 12PM when office hours should end at 6PM. I think I am not living a healthy life. After working for this company for almost three years, it is only now that I was able to have that realization. Maybe what triggers it is because despite all my efforts, my superior thinks it is still not enough. Well on my side, I have given enough already and that at this point of time I was still lucky to have a loyal husband who withstand my job despite going home late and not being able to fulfill some duties as a wife. Well enough is enough. I think this is the right thing to do. I have not tender my r