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Weird Dream

      Few days ago I had a weird dream. In my dreams, one of my teeth broke into half. I feared this dream because some people says that if you have dreamed that your teeth was removed it means someone is going to die. I dreamed of this before back when I was in college. My mollar tooth was removed in my dreams. Few days after I received a sad news that my grandma died. When I dreamed things like this I make it a point to write an essay , a blog post, or just wrote it down in a piece of paper to remember it. I also prayed for the safety of my loved ones. Three days had already passed since I dreamed of it and with God's guidance no sad news came up. There had only been a minor accident happened with our neighbor while he is crossing the street. He had some bruises but he is ok now. 

Expired Offer

        I was so disappointed the other day because of the expired offer. It was worth $11 which is ten times or four  times higher than any other pay per post offers. I accepted the offer early in the morning and was still contemplating on what to write on it that I did not started it right away. When I accepted it, there was a part on that page that states that it will expire after two days. When I started to right anything about it in the afternoon it was already expired. Maybe I misunderstood the two days allocation for it wherein it started from the day it was given as an offer not from the time it was accepted. Well $11 offer gone away.          I admit there had been hesitations in my part on doing that job offer because I have not yet received a single penny from it. There had been an offer before like that I submitted it on time but when they returned it back for posting some links are missing that I could not proceed to the next step to be able to claim my pay and then it

Stacked Up

          It has been almost three years since I passed my licensure exam. I admit at this stage it was a bit hard to remember the principles I reviewed before especially when my work does not really much tackle everything  I have learned from my review. Now that my co-employees is reviewing for his licensure exam, he sometimes asked me some questions about the topics they discussed in their review.  It showed me how much I was stacked up with my knowledge in accounting, auditing, law and taxation. I was trying to refresh my knowledge in it when I created a blog about it. I was also planning to conduct online tutoring to keep myself updated with the latest info as well as refresh my knowledge about it. Aside from that it would also be considered as an extra income.  It would also be a great help to students and reviewees because it would be accessible through the internet and the tutor hours would be flexible with consideration to their vacant time. I know it would be very helpful t