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Business Logo

       I always wanted to have my own business and to have my own business logo. An attractive business logo will surely attracts everyone’s attention. It gives a partial impression as to what the business is all about. In choosing a logo you must stick to what is commonly used by other business with the same products as yours. It could be as simple as the spelled out letters of your business name or the custom logo design .  As what I have observed, businesses like banks have for a logo the simple written letters of their acronym varying only on the font style chosen. The company where I am employed which is engaged in banana exporting has mountain, sun, and plant pictures in its logo. Television networks engaged on entertainment commonly uses star, heart, circle or the simple acronym of the network’s name while those engaged in news stick to the formal type which is the acronym letters of their networks name as their logo. Restaurants on the on the other hand uses utensils, food, f

Sunday Bikers

    On one of our travels in going home to the province, we are able to encounter the Sunday bikers. This is a group of big motorbike riders. We are able to encounter them from Davao until Bansalan national highway road. From the looks of their bikes and their group, I could assume that they are from the upper class of the society. Aside from having convoys with siren, the group also have a separate rescue vehicle. Wow, what a luxury past time it had been amidst the high prices of fuel right now. With the big engines of their motorbikes, I couldn’t imagine how many liters of fuel it could consume for the long distance they have travelled. I am sure a single rider would spend thousands for that trip and as a group they would spend hundreds of thousand or it might even reach million. Just imagine how expensive it is for a past time and how many lives would be affected if the money was spent for a noble cause. Well, who am I to criticize because in the first place it is their money to spe

Holiday Parks

       We are now on the holiday season and one way to enjoy the holidays is by visiting and staying at holiday parks and lodges. This would not only divert us from our usual day to day activity but it would also allow us to relax and diverge into exciting activities park resorts could provide. These activities may include nature trekking, swimming, off road biking, golf, nature tour and others depending on the amenities the parks could provide. There are also different types of parks to choose from. There are Caravan Holiday Parks , Island Parks, Nature Parks or Mountain Resort Parks. Accommodations may also vary from camping tents, cabin, lodges to cottages depending on what type would suits you. In terms of rates, it is better to booked early to be able to avail of the promo rates and discounts. Mostly of the parks right now have websites wherein online booking is accommodated which is hassle-free and not time consuming. Staying at holiday parks is fun but it is funnier if you would

Search Engine

       I am still a neophyte in blogging that words like search engines, SEO and SEM is not familiar to me that I want to more about this things. So, I came to Google and type the words search engine, not knowing, what I did is basically what search engine is all about.       Search engines had been a great help in acquiring information of anything through the use of internet. It had been part of our daily interaction with the internet that Google, Yahoo or Bing is very familiar to us. Any word we type, Google will search for it. Google will provide the list of websites where we could find what we are looking for.   This is where SEO (Search engine optimization) or SEM ( Search engine marketing ) will enter in the scenario. SEO will optimize a website by selecting keyword expressions related to the website inoder for it to achieve high ranking on search results. SEM on the other hand is a type of internet marketing that uses paid post, contextual advertising and paid inclusion to pro

Luxury Hotels

       Having a daily routinary day is so sickening sometimes that every one of us deserves a break, a good relaxation in a nice place with good ambiance and excellent accommodation. Luxury hotel accommodation might just what you need.   Luxury hotels are truly fitted place for someone who is looking for a good place to stay as well as relax wherein everything you need is provided in just one dial of the phone.  Others disregard this idea because it is expensive but nowadays you can avail it in a cheaper amount. You could book it early to be able to avail their promo or discounted rates or you could try online auctions wherein you could avail of it at a lesser rate. So if you want to relax for a while, try staying at luxury hotels for a change.