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If Only Actions Could Speak

             The mouth was created for the sole purpose of saying the things we wanted to say. But why is it that my mouth becomes useless when I wanted to say sensitive things to my family.My family usually tells me what to do and I grew up following them . When I am scolded, talking back to explain my side  is tantamount to disrespecting them.I usually couldn't say to them what I wanted to say and I have been like this for so long already. It is like being in a cage and I wanted to be free. Sometimes I envy people who are very much vocal to their family on what are their wants. As for me, I rather left it unspoken than face my fear of rejection or of being scolded. If only my actions could speak for me. If only my actions would be enough to tell them that this is what I want. I know that this is not right and  I want to change it. This must be stop.

Car Maintenance

           Cars had already been considered as one of our basic necessity. We use it in our day to day transactions that car maintenance should be given priority. Aside from daily check up, cars should also be brought to auto shop for scheduled check up to maintain its good performance. Certain cars like Ford F-150 should be brought to auto shops when it reaches its certain mileage. Change oil, tune-up, bearing repacking, greasing, fuel injector calibration and check engine light are only some of the services the auto shop must provide. However when car maintenance is being neglected, this is the time when cars incur huge damage and should be brought to repair shop. San Diego auto repair is only one of the many repair shops that provide good and high quality services. Car repairs may include changing of engine parts like clutch lining assembly, overhauling, break linings and body repair. This would be very costly that choosing a repair shop should be taken into consideration to

At Last I Got Links

        I don’t know how it happened but my other blog with less than 10 posts got links unlike this blog. I am new to blogging and I don’t know how things work to be able to get links, but one day an offer for links came by. Maybe my months of waiting already paid off but why is it that my new blog was easily got noticed unlike this blog with 60 posts already?        It doesn’t matter because this only proves that earning money in blogging is for real. At first I doubt it but I still continue blogging because it serves as daily journal for me and one way of enhancing my skill for writing. Hope I could get more offers for links especially for this blog. 

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

After watching this movie, I can’t wait for part two. I had been an avid Harry Potter fan and I really want to see how the last book would be materialized in movie. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is the seventh and last book of the Harry Potter sequel. This had been divided into two parts for movie and the first part is now showing while the second part is scheduled to be shown next year. Thinking of its end, I reminisced the time I started reading the Harry Potter book back on my high school days. This was ten years ago and when the first Harry Potter movie was shown, the main characters were only ten years old and they had been cute and huggable kids back then. Now, in this new released movie, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1, the main characters were so grown up and even the characters they projected were so mature.   Although the movie will leave you hanging in the end but the storyline was never diverted from the book. It has shown the same things I imagined i

First Day at School

Yes, I am back to school. I am now officially a graduate school student. I am taking up Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and today is my first day at school. This was a new experience for me with new atmosphere because this is not the same school were I finished my undergraduate studies but this is where my mother and some of my siblings graduated. I am totally excited for this. For my first day, I was lucky enough to have groupmates who were a food chain supervisor, a businessman and a BIR examiner. Wow, I am looking forward for a more meaningful and joyful learning experience.

Internet Connection

After voicing out to my bf that I am planning to buy or apply for an internet connection, he gave me a SMART Bro USB broadband. It was his brother’s kit but because they now have a broadband plan connection, he gave it to me. Wow, I highly appreciate it. Thanks to them, I now have internet connection anytime I wanted to.

Facebook Ban

          Several days had already passed since the last time I’ve check my facebook account. Viewing of social network sites like facebook was prohibited in our office. This was implemented because some employees are already abusing their privilege to have internet connection. Instead of doing their job, some employees were busy viewing their facebook account. For me, having internet connection in the office is a privilege because I could save time and money in going to internet cafes just to view my emails and update my account on some social network sites. I am not yet a facebook addict but the easiest way right now to stay connected with your friends, classmates, relatives and future acquaintances is through Facebook. Now, I am really not updated to what is the latest news to some of my friends but no matter how much I wanted to see my facebook account during office hours, I never tried because there would sanctions to those who will get caught. As an employee, I must abide to the