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     I am not a risk taker and I always wanted to be on my comfort zones. I would like to decide on things wherein I have clearer view on what lies ahead rather than putting myself on a vague future. Even when I am still in college, I am so afraid to fail that even in writing college paper I still have to research on books about it or look on some websites like  for some tips. I am so afraid to take some risks that I take some advises from other people when I am making decisions. That is why I admire my co-worker who had been a risk taker.  At a young age she worked alone in the USA. She already visited several countries all by herself. Now, she is resigning from a high paying job to work in Manila as a sales agent hoping for greater opportunities. Well there is this concept on investments that states, the higher the risk , the higher the income. I wish my co-worker all the luck she needs. Go girl!

NO Classes

       Due to heavy rain on the past few days, the city mayor declared that schools have now the authority to declare no classes. Some parts of the city had been flooded and it is only reasonable for schools to declare no classes if the rain is heavily pouring out. My alma matter declared no classes few days ago due to heavy rains. Only today that the sun shine brightly and on the afternoon it started again to rain. In times like this, students are greatly affected by it for when it is raining they would really get wet on their way to school or some will be stranded on the flood.  Unfortunate for other students, they still conduct classes on their flooded schools. It is only right for schools to declare no classes. To be able to cope up with the lessons to be learned, teachers require their students for some homeworks like research, reports, projects or essay writing wherein would be a great help.  These are only some of the many ways wherein the students could fill

Miss School

     Several months had already passed since the last time I went to school. I miss going to school every weekend. Before, my Saturday schedule is allotted to my MBA class but since I was not enrolled this semester due to inability of subjects offered I've got nothing to do. I was either staying at home or traveling back to the province. If I was able to enrolled this semester I would already be ready for my thesis writing or for dissertation writing services . Well only two semester left and I would already gained my master's degree in MBA. I was really hopeful that I could finish it till the end.      My college classmate ask me the other day why I take up a master's degree. Is it for promotion?. I told her that it is not for promotion. I was taking my MBA for future opportunity. Just in case I wanted to shift my career to teaching, I could be able to do so with an MBA at hand. Aside from this it would be a continuing learning experience, an educational enhancement. It