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Birthday Well Spent With Loved Ones

Well celebrated occasions are mostly spent with family, friends or loved ones. In this year's birthday, I never missed the chance to celebrate it with my loved ones. Even though they are in the province and I am in the city, I really find time to go home and celebrate it there. My family and my husband's family celebrated it with me. It was a happy occasion to gather them all. Indeed it was a happy birthday for me.

Thank You Bunny!

This was Bunny. It is a ShiTzu breed dog. It has been with me for two months already. It captured my heart for it was so energetic and lively. Even at its small size it would still like to play with our Akita-German Shepherd dog which is several times bigger. It would also not hesitate to bark whenever a stranger comes nearer at our house. Sad to say it did not stay with us for a longer period of time. This photo was taken the day it passed away. We are very much hopeful during that day that it will recover from its sickness but it didn't. Thank you so much Bunny for the laughter and fun memories.