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Le Cambrioleur Attaque

Notre maison dans la ville avait été volée par le cambrioleur une fois. Il a été en mesure de volé loin certains des appareils portatifs. Nous ne sommes pas seulement les victimes, mais aussi certains de nos voisins. Même les fils électriques étaient volés. Comme une protection dans notre maison, nous avons élevé certains chiens et avons installé videosurveillance . Il nous a donné une assurance que les attaques de cambrioleur n'arriveront plus.

Music For The Lord

        Music is pleasing to the ear and it is more pleasing if we sang it to the Lord. In our church, we had been lucky enough to have Bro. Vernon and Ptr. Rey with us. Pastor Rey had been the church worker and at the same time the one who leads and trained the youth in the field of music. Bro. Vernon is a retired US Navy who had been able to marry a Filipina, became a pastor and an evangelist. He had chosen to be under the UPC Baguer as his main church. He was also a former high school music instructor and because of his strong passion to share his talent, he donated music instruments and teaches music for free every Friday. He became also the music director of the church and wanted to form an orchestra. Aside from Pastor Rey's guitar lessons , the church now also has music lessons from Bro. Vernon involving reading notes, and how to use orchestra instruments. The church is so blessed to have them both. Last Friday, we had a dedication of the donated instruments to the Lord. We a

Wonderful Lebak

      It has been a long trip from our house to the town of Lebak, Sultan Kudarat but it is all worth it. I was able to reached Lebak because my husband had to attend a church activity that since I've got nothing to do, I was able to come with him. We travelled for almost five hours through Upi to Lebak road. The road is still under construction but there are only few kilometers left of rough road. The scenic view along the way to Lebak is so beautiful.      Lebak was such a wonderful place. It is nearer to the sea which is conducive for fishing and at the same time it has ricefields. Almost all of the things you needed are already available in the town from medicines to groceries. Eventhough it is away from the city, you won't feel that you are in a remote place especially if you are looking in their seashore which is really an attraction. It has a nice view of the color blue and green seas. There are also lodges to choose from. Though it might not be as nice as Finlake Lodges

Steam Bath at Davao Toyozu Resort

Hot Water in the Steam Bathhous e      Another hot spring experience is added in my list. The first one had been at Lake Agco on which is located at the foot of Mt. Apo, the highest mountain in the country. Now, I got the privilege to be able to experience again the leisure of what a hot spring could provide. This is at Davao Toyozu Resort located at Brgy. Mainit, Nabunturan, a two-hour ride from Tagum City. The entrance fee is 40 pesos per person and the cottage fee is 100 pesos. The resort has two steam bathhouses, five warm water swimming pools and a lot of cottages. Although the cottages may not be like holiday cottages cornwall , it is already ok for a whole day accommodation. There are also man-made falls that you could take showers on it.     I, my husband and his siblings really enjoyed their steam bathhouses and the warm water of their swimming pools. What we liked about the steam bath is that there is no sulphuric odour in the place unlike other hot springs. Also, the pl

Hassle Free Tickets

         In this modern world, almost all of the things you needed is given by just one click. It may be food delivery, cosmetics, medicines, clothing, tickets and many more. It could now be ordered online. The most convenient way now of having tickets is through online purchase. Before, you would have to endure the long lines in purchasing tickets for basketball games, concerts, circus or events. Now, aside from purchasing it online you could also have reservations ahead of has tickets for cirque du soleil and lil wayne concert tickets and supercross motorcycle tickets. These cirque du soleil tickets , lil wayne tickets and super cross tickets are sold out that it is better to purchase it online. It would be very entertaining to watch with hassle free tickets.


     The invention of telephone speeds up the communication between people. It has been a means in relaying messages between two persons in far places. It has been the oldest communication tool that still exists up to this time. Now we have  cellphones and iphones that have additional applications in it compared to telephones. Cellphones allow us to send text messages aside from calls. Iphones allow us to access the internet beside its text and calls features. Still, telephone has a wide range of users because of its cheaper phone calls and accessiblity. With telephones you could just plug it and leave it there. For people away from their house and offices, there is now telephone answering service that would enable them to retrieve and hear their messages whenever they are already around. It is widely used in offices, businesses and for personal use. Telephone is given a specific number  and added up with an area code so that it could be reach and identified specifically. Unlike cellp

Cable Management

      Our room has a lot of cables. It may be a cable for the laptop, for the sound system or some other gadgets. I would not wonder why because my husband is a graduate of electrical engineering and now works as a customer service engineer. He is really into wires, cables, electricity, appliances and gadgets. I just let him place those things in a certain space in our little house. I don't really arrange it for him because from time to time he needs something that as long as it is there he could easily find it. Eventhough he has that certain space in our house, there are still a lot of cables in our room. Maybe what we need is some cable management but what I do is I put all the things we need in a storage box. I put in it the rj45 cable, all the chargers, the connection cables, the plug in wires and adapters. It is also nice to have those small wires that could neatly wrap the cables when not in use. Still, boys would be boys that my husband would just leave those things in any

Additional Skills

     It is always nice to have a lot of skills and to be a well-rounded person. Being like one, you could be able to be assigned or work in any field you would choose. They somehow referred this type of person as Jack of all trade. My elder brother could be considered like one. He already tried different types of jobs. He had been a salesman, carpenter, welder, farmer, driver, photo artist, electrician, typist, and cellphone, computer and appliances repairman. When I am still schooling, I also always request him to do the letter printing or drawings in some of my school projects. It is always nice to have a brother that could be able to do the things I couldn't do. With him being around, I was also been able to have some knowledge with regards to computer, cellphones and appliances.      Of all the skills my brother has, the additional skills I wanted to acquire is his skill as a photo artist. I had been longing and really wanted to be able to have some expertise in Photoshop. If t

Insured Ride

      I am sad about the news of one my relatives who lives in Hawaii. They had an accident while my female relative drove the car with her kids. A woman who is driving recklessly hit their car. Their car was in total wreck and the driver who hit them doesn't have a driver's license and wasn't able to renew her car insurance. Thankfully, my relative and her children were fine but their car needs some major repair and the one who hit them couldn't assume the damages for the meantime because she doesn't have an insurance. Luckily, my relative's car insurance company provided them some vehicle to use while they are still repairing their car. I hope the woman who hit them will be penalize and would have some charges as a lesson for other drivers for being so reckless and irresponsible.      Back here in the Philippines, my sister-in-law has a scooter. She uses it everyday in going to the next town where their business is. We encourage her to follow up her driver'

Shield from the Sunlight

               It is nice to have a good night sleep and to wake up at any hour we desire. Our body needs an enough hours of rests and relaxation to be able to be fit for another day's activities. No matter how eager we are to complete the enough number of hours of sleep, we are deprived by some disturbing things. It maybe the noise, our housemates, a phone call or the irritating sun's rays that peep into our windows. Usually if we don't have blinds in our windows, the sun's rays that hit our eyes cause us to wake up every morning. So if you always sleep late, you should have blinds for your windows for you to enable to have long hours of sleep.            Blinds as a shield from the sunlight may have a lot of designs, forms, types, styles, materials and colours to choose from. There are Made to Measure Blinds that would perfectly suit any shapes of your windows that would completely block or filter the sunlight. It is also one way of controlling the light that is ente


        Of all alcoholic drinks, wine is the most popular. It is also the drink that could be present in any occasions. It may be during birthdays, parties, events, and special occasions. A wedding would not be complete without the drinking of wines which symbolizes that the bride and groom are taking into themselves the qualities of each others families. Even in a Catholic mass, drinking of wine by priests is part of the ceremony. It is really no question why wines have great popularity and value but what really is wine.      Wine is a fermented fruit juice made usually from grapes. It comes in long-neck bottles and stored for years. The longer the age of wine, the tastier it is. That is why there are people who collect wines and reserves it for special occasions. Vintage wines are usually considered as collectors' items for their age, price, taste and rarity. In the market, there are already thousands of brands of wines to choose from, doctors point sauvignon blanc is one of the

Welcoming Marriage

      It is already seven months since I got married and two months since my husband and I live together. We had been in a relationship for seven years before we got married. I could say that I really knew my husband well before I was married to him but it surprises me that there are still little things that I am discovering about him as time goes by. Of course there had been changes that have been done in our lives to accommodate marriage and make it work. For five months we lived separately because of my job. During those times I would go home twice a month but it won't work for us because both of us lived alone and loneliness haunts us. After weighing some things I gave up my job and lived with my husband. I also changed my religion same as to that of my husband but it is more of a personal decision.       Although there had been changes but marriage for me is full of fun. It is nice to wake up every morning having someone who would hug you or kissed you. Sometimes my husband an

Wants in Life

          God had really been very gracious. He not only give us the things we needed but also the things we wanted.This is not bragging but I just wanted to share with you how grateful I am that the material things I wanted had been given. Couple of months ago, my husband and I had been able to purchase a camera, an ipod and a netbook. These are things that could be considered as wants because life still go on even if we don't have these things. I wanted to have a digital camera to be able to capture some special moments in my life and to be able to share it with you. A couple of months later, I had been able to own one. Netbook had also been a  want in my life because I wanted to have a faster computer for my work before and also for blogging. Unlike the netbook which I truly wanted, the Ipod was just owned incidentally. It was sold to us by a friend in a lower price that is why we had been able to own one. Recently, more material wants had been given to us. My husband had his br

Whole Body Massage

          It feels so nice after a session of a whole body massage. As advised by some friends, I am having at least once a month a whole body massage in order to have a regular menstruation. The one who massages us is also a midwife that knows how to position an ovary to its proper place through massage. It might not do me any harm if I try it, so I gave it a try. After one month of my first session of a whole body massage, I had my menstruation. I really can't believe it. My menstruation cycle is usually every after four months that having only a one month interval surprised me. I already tried medication before to correct this but nothing happens. Maybe massage is really the cure I am looking for. Aside from the massage, maybe my stress-free daily activities also helped in correcting this. No matter what it is, I am glad to have my whole body massage because of the different feeling of relaxation it could give.

Fasting and Prayer

      Every Thursday is the scheduled day for prayer and fasting of the prayer warriors of the church. Since I got nothing to do, I attended the sessions and today is my third time to attend this endeavor. During the session, each of us will read ten verses in the bible consequently and we will have some sharing of thoughts of the verses we have read. Before we will have our praise and worship, we will talk about the different prayer requests of the church. In this portion, I get to know the different problems of some of the members of the church. Hearing these problems made me realize how lucky I am to experience minimal hardships. It made me appreciate the kind of life I am living. It is good to know that I am so loved by God. I also been able to appreciate the women and mothers of families. Since most of the prayer warriors are mothers, I get to know their pains, sufferings and hardships with regards to their families. They are like sponges that absorb these things. They are the one

Toys for Big Boys

      Boys really love motors. My husband's brothers each own a motorcycle. Since we are living in a province, the most convenient and affordable means of transportation is motorcycle. It could take you to lowland as well as hilly and rocky places. Aside from these reasons, my husband is really a motorcycle fanatic. As of counting, he already had five accidents involving motorcycle. Thank God he only has minor wounds and bruises with these accidents. Eventhough I really don't want him anymore to own another motorcycle, I just give my approval because he badly needed it with his job. So few months ago, he bought his Suzuki Raider 150. I think it is already his fourth motorcycle because he keeps on buying and selling. Being a fanatic of motorcycle involves being inclined to motorcycle parts as well as its accessories like custom stickers . My brother in law who is also a motorcycle fanatic personally orders the design of the stickers of his motor. One time, he was given a sheet o


       Toys mean a lot to children. It is their constant companion wherever they may be. Sometimes it is their pacifier when they have their tantrums. Toys are their source of fun and playing it completes their day. Little girls usually prefer dolls and cars for little boys. Eventhough how expensive some toys maybe, we do not hesitate to buy it for these little kids for what matters most is the happiness these toys could give.          My husband and I always buy toys as gifts. He has a lot of nephews and nieces that we are always surrounded by little kids. Everyday we could see these little children having fun with their toys but  sometimes it is also the cause of some fights. When my husband was still single, he bought remote controlled RC cars to one of his nephews.  His other nephews got jealous  with it and sometimes fights for it. So he bought again another toy car. Since then, I couldn't anymore remember how many toy cars had been bought and broken by them. When we buy toy

Clear Vision

       As we get older, one of the things that fades away is our vision. The older we get, the more vague it becomes. Without clear vision, the harder it is to cope up with our daily activities. It becomes a hindrance that some of the things we used to do where already neglected, reading newspaper for example. Aside from aging, disease like diabetes could also cause vague vision.       What is needed is prescription glasses. Aside from giving a clearer vision, it could also be a fashion accessory with its various frames and shapes. It is also handy that you could bring it along with you. It should be consulted to an optometrist in choosing the correct glasses along with its grade. It is better to consult it early before it become severe and also to check if your current prescription glasses still suits you. Glasses grade also changes that it must be checked from time to time. Some of the symptoms that your glasses doesn't suits you is when you get severe headache or nauseated. Th

Thank You ShengayTHEgreat!

My blog mentor pm me that I have an award to receive. It is my second message about awards and it is my first time to try it out. So here are the rules. Have fun!.. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank and link back to the person who sent you the award. Share seven things about you. Spread the love and honor. Award 7 recently discovered bloggers. Contact those bloggers and tell them about the award. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Seven things about me: 1. I love to travel. I want to visit the beautiful places in the Philippines and hopefully other countries as well. 2.I am a Christian. From being a catholic, I am now a renewed christian under UPC and I love it. 3. I am a CPA, Certified Public Accountant, but there is still a lot to be learned and experiences to be gained not just passing the exam to upheld this designation. 4. I am unemployed as of the moment. Yes, I am but waiting and hoping to be