Toys for Big Boys

      Boys really love motors. My husband's brothers each own a motorcycle. Since we are living in a province, the most convenient and affordable means of transportation is motorcycle. It could take you to lowland as well as hilly and rocky places. Aside from these reasons, my husband is really a motorcycle fanatic. As of counting, he already had five accidents involving motorcycle. Thank God he only has minor wounds and bruises with these accidents. Eventhough I really don't want him anymore to own another motorcycle, I just give my approval because he badly needed it with his job. So few months ago, he bought his Suzuki Raider 150. I think it is already his fourth motorcycle because he keeps on buying and selling. Being a fanatic of motorcycle involves being inclined to motorcycle parts as well as its accessories like custom stickers. My brother in law who is also a motorcycle fanatic personally orders the design of the stickers of his motor. One time, he was given a sheet of custom stickers that he almost put all parts of his motorcycle with stickers as well as the motorcycle of my other brother in laws. I am fascinated with them because sometimes they act like little boys with regards to their motorcycle. Motorcycles are really toys for big boys.



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