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A couple of days ago, my mother had been rush to the hospital due to high blood pressure. Her blood pressure reach 150/90.We assumed it was caused by hot temperature or some food that she eaten during that day that triggers for this to happen. According to the diagnosis of the emergency ward doctor, my mother had a pneumonia that causes for the blood pressure to increase.Since during that time all the hospital rooms for patients had been fully booked due to high cases of dengue and flu, we waited for all the tests to be done and when it is done and my mother's blood pressure subsided, we go home by midnight. The following day my mother's doctor who is also her second cousin diagnosed my mother with UTI (urinary tract infection). A different diagnosis compared to the one given by the emergency ward doctor. So another set of medicines had been prescribed. Since we are more confident on my uncles' capabilities,we followed her prescription and besides my mother is vomiting with

Tough Week

Last week had been a tough week for me. Monday was when I received an email regarding my disapproval to Google ad sense. I’m a little sad by it but it's OK. Tuesday had been another busy day for me at work. Wednesday, the worst day, was when my brother had a vehicular accident while on his work. I am so tense and worried about his situation. Luckily, he had only some minor wounds. The next day, Thursday, when I arrived at our house my brother showed me his dead flower horn fish. He took care of it for five months already. It was already having colors on his scales and half already of the size of a matured flower horn fish. My brother was disappointed by it because it jumped out of its aquarium and we were late by almost an hour to rescue it. What left to us now are only its pictures. Another tough day followed, Friday, was the day when I am starting to have a heavy flow menstruation. Throughout the day, I am so conscious and careful with it so that my jeans will not be stained by


I received an email from google ad sense today telling my application had been denied due to the issue of unacceptable site content. I wonder what are these contents that hindered their approval of my site. As far as I know, I haven't written or done anything against their policies. Maybe my site is too young for them or maybe I haven't meet their standards of writing or unknowingly, maybe I have done or written something that is unacceptable to them. Well,there is nothing I can do about it so I removed all the ad sense and continue posting in this blog. After all I am having fun doing this. This serves as my daily diary and an outlet of bursting the emotions I have kept. So, no matter how much I wanted to be given an approval by google ad sense, I must accept their decision and still continue blogging. Hope I will last longer as a blogger.

First Meeting

Today I attended my first meeting with the management support services’ superiors of the company. I feared this meeting because I knew there are a lot of issues thrown at us by other department. These are issues beyond our control because of insufficient funds. Out of my fear, I thought of resigning from my job but I was so relieved that somehow my superior answered these issues during the meeting. It was so reassuring to know that my superior knew and understand our situation why we can’t give what they ask from us. Still, the meeting ended up leaving me a long list of task to be done. I still thank the Lord for allowing me to still have an intact ego after the meeting and for allowing me to experience this. God is so great. Thank you Lord.

Can't Resist

Love can move mountains. Love conquers all. Love is patient and kind. These are only some of the many definitions of love but to those who were in love there are no exact words to explain the feeling. It is indefinable. My friends and I were sharing about the conflicts we experienced with the relationships we are into. One of the things discussed that stick to my mind is on the notion that a guy who wants to settle down cannot wait longer for a girl to accept his proposal. They tend to end the relationship and look for a ready and available partner. I feared this scenario. I am in a six-year relationship and my guy had already been asking me for years when should we settle down. I had given him already a lot of alibis. My first alibi is that I should finish first my studies, second had been I should pass the CPA board exam, next alibi is to be able to have a job, then when his father died and my brother married I told him the it would be “sukob” and my last alibi had been to allow me t

Automated Election

I went home to our province just to experience the automated election. Even if I will spend for the fare and spend only for a night in the province, I am still willing just to experience this first ever automated election in the Philippines. On the day of the election, I went to the precinct around nine in the morning. In the cluster where I belong was composed of six precincts with a total number of almost one thousand voters in one PCOS machine. At first, there was a straight line of people who will vote in the precinct. After hours of falling in line, voters in our precinct converge towards the door that we already cramped on the waiting area. I pitied the elders who also fall in line and were already exhausted for the long hours of waiting just for them to cast their vote. I am also disappointed to the voters who waited for hours and in the middle of waiting give up and opted to go home rather than vote. As for me, I waited and endured the cramped up of people just to exercise my r


It was few days ago when I attended the general assembly of the employee’s cooperative of our company. As the bookkeeper of the company, I was tasked to report the statement of financial condition of the company. It was the second assembly and the cooperative’s third year of operation. For me, the cooperative was doing well. It has reached a hundred thousand income for last year. Usually a business will start to gain income on its third to fifth year of operation because usually first to second year are all about capitalizing or incurring pre-operating costs. So a hundred thousand income is already not bad and we cannot deny the fact that nowadays a lot of businesses are shutting down due to recession and mismanagement. Despite of this, there are still coop members who can’t accept this outcome and were not happy about this. Well, we can’t please everyone but it is good that there are these criticisms that will challenge the BOD to aim for higher returns.

Points of View

While viewing my facebook account, I am somewhat distracted by the comments of one of my friends regarding the senatorial candidate Riza Hontiveros-Baraquel. The point of their comments is that this senatorial candidate is so shallow pertaining to her tag line “Magandang Laban” which to them doesn’t make sense. They also added in their comments that Riza is like a prostitute selling her beauty to gain some votes and that how can fighting a fertilizer scam solve the issues of price reduce in the market. I don’t know much about Riza Hontiveros but out of the small things I knew about her, I already admired her bravery and dedication in fighting the issues which she thinks will be for the good interest of the Filipino populace. I think she has a point in fighting the fertilizer scam because in any agri-business fertilizer is the most expensive cost thus reducing the cost means reducing the price of the commodity. If she is beautiful and campaigning for votes it doesn’t mean that she is al

Unrealized Excitement

I am so excited today because it is Friday and we will be working for half-day only. Our company announced that we will attend the motorcade in the afternoon to show our support to the Liberal Party. Due to uncontrollable events, I wasn’t able to attend the motorcade and work in the office for whole day. Some of my co-employees delayed in the submission of the payroll documents for approval that we have to wait for them. We cannot postpone the approval of this just because we want to attend and enjoy the motorcade. These are wages of employees who work hard in the plantation. These are employees who work under direct sunlight and shed more sweat than us. Even though we are very excited to attend the motorcade, our conscience speaks louder telling us not to delay the compensation of these people. Sometimes we have to let go of our self interest to give way for the interest of the many. So, despite the unrealized excitement and tiredness I am still happy that I did the right thing today.

Voter’s Education

Our company spares some time to educate us on the forthcoming automated election. It would be a first time in the Philippine history to have this automation in election. Before, voters list down their voted candidates in the ballot and it is manually counted by the COMELEC that the final result would be released after several weeks. Now, voters will just shade the egg-shaped before the candidates name in the ballot and it will be scanned by the PCOS machine to count the votes and hopefully the results of the election would be released within a week. Since the machine is so sensitive, here are some simple tips so that our votes would not be wasted: 1. Make sure our hands are clean so that it would not leave a mark on the official ballot or else the machine will not read it. 2. Do not put a check, X, dot or half shade on the egg-shape instead fully shade it. 3. Do not exceed on the number of candidates to vote per position. Take note that we should only vote for 1 president, 1 Vice presi


It was already three successive days that I go home feeling worn out. After work and arriving at our house, I will have dinner and then fall asleep. Sometimes I forgot that I haven’t brush my teeth yet that in the middle of the night I would wake up and do the things I should have done before going to bed. Maybe this is brought by my menstruation or maybe these are the aftershocks of tiredness out of my vacation trip in Siargao. My body is already asking for the neglected hours due for sleeping during my vacation. Maybe excitement and happiness succumbs me during those times that it prevented me from having enough sleep. Still, even if these aftershocks will last for a week I will never regret the unforgettable and enjoyable vacation I had at Siargao.

I Love My Mom

I am super exhausted but enjoyed our vacation trip at Siargao. After three nights and four days of being away from our house, I returned with no "pasalubong" and a lot of dirty clothes. Despite of these, my mother understands me and offered to help me in washing my pile of dirty clothes. Of course I said no, because I don't want her to get tired. When I entered my room I found out that the dirty clothes I left before my vacation where already cleaned. Oh, my mom just can't resist washing it when she saw it. This is what they call mother’s love. That is why I can’t help in saying “I love my Mom”.