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           The employees’ cooperative of our company recently held its 4th annual assembly. The 2010 income was distributed as dividends and patronage refund. I was so happy to see the faces of the plantation workers when they received their share. Although it is a minimal amount for me, for them it would already comprise their one week's salary. I receive P108 as my dividend from the cooperative after a year of being a member. My husband would ask me why I devote much time in the cooperative when I am not benefited that much. Well, aside from being given an obligation to do so why not do it well and besides I don't have a choice because they will not hire a clerk. But then, the happy faces of the workers who received much from the cooperative is worth it for the effort I have given.

Backyard's Minute Activities

        Today is a holiday in celebration of the 74th Araw ng Davao. Since I didn't want to explore the city and join the festive. I stayed home, wash some laundries and explore our backyard. I want to test and explore the capabilities of my new camera. This is where I was able to capture a very nice backyard's minute activities.          This is a picture of some ants in a gumamela flower bud. Aside from ants there is these little yellow insects. I'm not sure if these are small ants or maybe aphids. All of them interact in a single gumamela bud. I just can't imagine how tiny these creatures are and how big I am. I just wondered how many tsunamis, earthquake, fire and other calamities do they experience every single day of their lives. Still, their species keep on living and doing what they must do. It is so amazing how creatures mingle this way. 

More Passion for Blogging

     My blog was once again declined for approval by another blog advertising website. As stated in the email, my blog needs to have PR 1 in order for it to be approved. It looks like my blog couldn't be able to make it. My blog is so far from PR 1 but at least I keep on trying. What I need right now is more passion for blogging so that I could be able to achieved it. More passion that will encourage me to keep on blogging and keep on posting nice posts.I believed there is nothing impossible to a person who has strong determination in achieving his goal and has passion in what he/she is doing.

God's Time

           After seven years in a relationship, finally it was God's time to settle down. After all the hardships, conflicts in the family and all the tears that had been poured out, finally this is it.I really can't believed it, all the disputes that we had been through we would still be together as husband and wife. God had been really good to us. He answered our prayers and helped us all the way throughout the whole occasion. Thank you Lord.

Overtime Buddies

        I had a great time last night. Thanks to my overtime buddies. We stayed late in the office last night to finished some office works. Since it was already dinner time, one of my buddies bought rice and barbeques. While eating we talked about a lot of things regarding our jobs and about many things. I am also asking for their opinions about the decision I have to take. I was enlighten and was more determined to push through the decision because of their positive response. After eating, we packed up and decided to leave the office. We walked from our office to the nearest mall. Upon arriving at our destination, we walked again to go to Mcdonalds. Eat and chat again. Thank you so much guys for the wonderful night.

Seagull Mountain Resort Getaway

Swimming pools Scenic View   Sizzling Ostrich Steak                  Many of my friends say that Seagull is a nice place to visit. It is situated in Brgy. Lorega Kitaotao, Bukidnoon along Davao-Bukidnon (Buda) Road.Out of curiosity, my husband and I visited it. It was a two-hour ride from our place in Mintal. Along the way, we track down stiff roads with a lot of curves but the scenic view we experienced was truly amazing. Upon arriving we head out at their information office.We first decided to accommodate a cabin and stay for a night but because of the several minutes we waited for us to been entertained, we decided to try their day tour. We paid P150 per head with a free use of open huts, swimming pool and waterfalls pools. Since it was already lunchtime when we arrived, we tried their food specialty - sizzling ostrich steak. It looks and tastes like beef. I am not a fan of exotic foods that when I tried it I told my husband that I could not finished eating it because ev

My Mother's Advanced Birthday Celebration

Dinner at Kuya Ed Back of  David Jack's Ridge                 My mother's birthday will be on March 4. Since she went home to the province last Saturday, my husband and I treat her out last Friday. First, we had dinner at Kuya Eds at Magallanes St. It was an eat-all-you-can dinner at an affordable price that satisfied our hunger. Then, we went to Queensland at Matina Aplaya. It was my mother's first time to be there. She noticed the controversial David statue and the sharks which were grown there. After taking some pictures at Queensland, we proceeded to Jack's Ridge at Shrine hills Matina. My mother wants to go there to know if there had been changes at Jack's Ridge after several years had passed. Same as before, the colorful lights of the city is still beautiful to look at in Jack's Ridge. We didn't loom that long at Jack's Ridge because of the rain. I hope my mother had a wonderful advanced birthday celebration with us.

Gadgets We Have

Lately, my husband and I had been acquiring some gadgets which I aspire to have but in doubt if we could really have it. With God's grace, before we got married last December we had been able to purchase a NEO B3280 notebook amidst the wedding expenses that awaits us during that time. I had been using it in my masteral studies and in my blogging. It is very light to carry that I could always have it with me anywhere at any time. The next gadget we had is an I-Touch IPOD. It is an Apple product that easily connects to Internet through Wi-Fi connection and could be installed with different applications. My husband bought it from a friend at one-third of the original price. We installed it with applications like the holy bible, eBooks, dictionary, music, videos, social networking sites like facebook and lots of games like plants and zombies. I had been engrossed about it for weeks that when my husband go home to the province, I let him have it so that I could divulge my time to more u