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Hot Summer

      The weather is so hot and staying in a cool place would be the perfect thing to do. It would be more fun if you would stay in a camp. We are now fortunate that our place had been able to establish a camp ground at our province. It is situated in a high place, that the air is cool in there and the place is nice.       For kids out there, there is Montreal Day Camp that offers activities which include sports, arts, academics and healthy living. While in Summer camps in Montreal , if parents would want their kids to focus on academics, Montreal tutors  is also available.   Smoothies is also offered daily. this is open for kids ages 5-14 and co-ed. It is located in the heart of downtown Montreal. 

Summer Camp

       It is officially summer and during these times kids had nothing to do because of their summer break from classes. Summer camping is only one of the many activities kids could do. Montreal Day Camp offers activities which includes sports, arts, academics with Montreal tutors and healthy living. Summer camps in Montreal also offers daily smoothies. Campers are from ages 5-14 and co-ed. It is located in the heart of downtown Montreal. 


     It is a long holiday because of the Holy Week. Instead of hitting the beach or travelling in any tourist spots, unlucky for me I have to stay at the house. To make the scenario worst, aside from staying at the house I also have to take a bedrest. Though it is not a doctor's advice, I still have to because in every move I make my menstruation and my dysmenorrhea gets worse. My husband accompany me to get over to this but he was not used to stay in bed that he was not feeling well on the following day. I really pity my husband because he did not have an enjoyable vacation during this long holidays and now he is sick as well because of me. I hope we could get through to this by tomorrow.      Eventhough I am on bedrest, it would not hinder me from doing some payperpost oppurtunities. Luckily there are some offers. It will get me busy and forget some pains in my body. Thanks to the online freelance writing service at for giving me something to do. It made me b

Points of View

     I almost finish reading a book written in our native language which I thought would be full of jokes and funny stories. Indeed it was funny but upon reading  it there are some contexts in the book that relays to reality as to what really is the views of other nationality about us. There had been a lot of stories, essays and web pages stated that tackles about my country, its problems, its incompetencies and what is lacking inorder for it to succeed as a nation.  What struck me the most is the story of other races' perception about us. Their perception about us has been distorted by the wars in Mindanao, Abu Sayaf kidnapping, cheap prostitutes and former incompetent president that they neglected to notice the good traits of Filipinos and its beautiful country. There is also a story about a Filipino who wants to be on a different nationality if he will be reincarnated but there is also a story of a foreigner who loves our country so much that he preferred to stay here rather t

Work Abroad

        The recent departure of my husband’s niece to Denmark and the arrival from Dubai of a former co-worker brought some thoughts to ponder for me. Aside from these two, my brother, my cousins, my neighbour and some of my classmates in college and high school are in foreign countries. Many people think that foreign countries offer greener pasture. They believe that working abroad could provide them higher salary and it could be the way for them to uplift their way of living from what was here in the Philippines. Sadly more and more people are working abroad. Mostly are talented professionals like doctors, teachers, accountants, nurses and engineers that used their talents for the benefit of other countries. True to others, working abroad really changed their lives for the better. For some, it brought then unhealthy relationship with their family, unpaid debts, no savings and being molested.        A lot of news, articles, books and essay writing tackle this issue already but mor

Happy Graduation!!!

          Time is fast approaching and again it is graduation time. I am happy for all parents out there who eagerly waited for this day for their children. Every parent believes that bright future awaits to their newly graduated children with the hope that it will pave the way for their children to have a good job and independently sustain their needs. I was graduated from college for almost six years already and indeed my diploma back me up to have a job and it supported my daily needs.         Education is really important coupled up with hard work and perseverance to succeed in life. Being a student is  not easy and there are some hindrances along the way. On my time, financial issues had been my number one hindrance. I was studying at a private school and was not able to have a scholarship. I was financially supported by my mother who was a government school teacher and by my brothers who were OFW workers at that time. On the middle part of college, we encounter some money is


        I had my medical check up for today. Thanks to Maxicare, I never paid the consultation fee and the laboratory test. I was also grateful to be referred to a good doctor. I was referred to Dr. Salvador who was not only an OB-Gyne but also handles infertility problems. As usual, my ultrasound result states that I have retroverted polycystic ovaries just like my ultrasound results before. It is still the same but I am now so eager to find time to visit my OB-Gyne and try possible solutions to conceive specially now that I have Maxicare. It is a health benefit given by the company and truly they shoulder every medical expense I should have incurred.  I am thankful for this and also grateful to know the results that nothing like lumps, big cysts or myoma is inside my uterus.         I also had my eye check up and the doctor told me that my vision is still okay. There is no recommendation for me to wear reading glasses but I still bought eyeglasses that would protect my eyes from r