I had my medical check up for today. Thanks to Maxicare, I never paid the consultation fee and the laboratory test. I was also grateful to be referred to a good doctor. I was referred to Dr. Salvador who was not only an OB-Gyne but also handles infertility problems. As usual, my ultrasound result states that I have retroverted polycystic ovaries just like my ultrasound results before. It is still the same but I am now so eager to find time to visit my OB-Gyne and try possible solutions to conceive specially now that I have Maxicare. It is a health benefit given by the company and truly they shoulder every medical expense I should have incurred.  I am thankful for this and also grateful to know the results that nothing like lumps, big cysts or myoma is inside my uterus. 
       I also had my eye check up and the doctor told me that my vision is still okay. There is no recommendation for me to wear reading glasses but I still bought eyeglasses that would protect my eyes from radiation of computers or television. Thank you Lord Jesus for this day!


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