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Last night, I dreamed about my late best friend. In my dreams, we are in a classroom competing for something or kind of discussing something like we used to do before. It is already two months, to be exact, two months and two days since she passed away. I terribly missed her. I don't know what are the messages my dreams wants to convey to me. Maybe I just terribly missed her that is why I dreamed of her or maybe I still didn't accept the reality that she already passed away. In the latter years of her life wherein we are apart, if we met we talked about each others lives, catching up on what we missed and when I go home in the province I visit her in their house. Since I am going home to the province tomorrow, I am going to see her house, our school and playgrounds were we spent our childhood years. It would all remind me of her as well as the pain of losing her. As of now, I just think that we are only separated by distance because in my heart she would always be there. My dre


It’s the last day of work before the holy week. I am so excited to go home to the province to spend my holy week there. I can’t wait to see my cute baby niece, my nephew, brothers and sister, my mom and also my beau. It’s been months since the last time I saw them. Once in a while it is nice to spend a long vacation in the province. It is away from the noises, traffic and pollution of the city. I can relax there and stroll around at a minimum expense. I can’t wait for this day to end. Sooo excited.


Why should there always be a basis in judging one’s capabilities? Why some people compare us to others? Why is it that there are always a notion that we are supposed to be more capable or at the same level with the person ahead of us, our parents or with our siblings? Why is it that there are always comparisons? Living our day to day life full of expectations and pressures is so hard, how much more if it is added up with a lot of comparisons to a person who is visibly more knowledgeable and efficient than us. It is an unreachable basis wherein people expect us to achieve. What is hurtful to this situation is when they show to our face that the other person is much better than us. It is so annoying because each of us has its own weaknesses and strengths. Each of us is unique and shouldn’t be compared to others. We may not be competent in his/her field of expertise but we might find our strengths in another field because each of us is exceptional in our own way. It is unfair to be compar

Ice vs Fire

Each of us was born with unique personalities but we are categorized by our common traits. There are people who are loving,understanding,cool and soft spoken while others are mean, short minded, strict and harsh. When you get to encounter people with those latter type of traits it is so hard to maintain a good social relationship with them. You would often than not quarreled with them. As much as we want to push our ideas with these type of people it is useless because they are pickle minded and they won't accept others point of view.It feels so helpless communicating with them especially when they are almost yelling at you just to emphasize their point.So, in times like this better treat the fire with ice instead of adding fuel to it. To make the world more peaceful we should try to control our emotions and treat them in a nice way even if it is superficial rather than duet with them in yelling.It is better to settle things in a nice way rather than end up in hurting each other a

Hottest Celebrity Couple

Aside from being a fan of Brangelina, I am now a new fan of David-Victoria Beckham couple. While reading a magazine, I encountered an article about how the couple celebrated their 10th year anniversary. I was amazed that they made it that far.Among celebrities,it is already a common story how celebrity couples are breaking up. So being a celebrity and being in a 10-year marriage is already a big achievement. David Beckham is a professional soccer player while Victoria Davis is the former Posh Spice Girl. The relationship started while Beckham is still gaining fame in his chosen sport and Victoria is at the height of his career being a member of the famous Spice Girls. Like any ordinary married couples they also have their ups and down in marriage but they showed to the public that they are willing to work out their marriage until the end. As of now the couple had three sons and hoping to have a baby girl. The best part of the article that amazed me most about the couple is about thi

Mother Mary

My bad mood was lighten up by a statue of Mother Mary. The statue arrived at our house around 9PM as part of a Catholic religious ritual wherein the statue will stay for a night in a chosen house. Our house was chosen to where it will stay.As I look at the statue it gave me a soothing feeling that vanishes away the bad feelings I had. Before sleeping that night I touched the statue and say my prayers.I am glad it stayed for us for a night. This Catholic religious ritual is done by conducting a rosary. After the series of prayers,it is now time to transfer the statue to another house. The prayer warriors will now light their candles to light the path of the statue while transferring it to another house. The house owner to where it will stay will accept the statue. It is done repetitively from one house to another in preparation for the Holy Week.

Turning Point

I had a bad day. I feel irritated, exhausted, hurt and with lower self esteem because of my job.Is it already time to quit my job and look for better opportunities? As I weigh things, I could think of more ideas answering yes to my question than no. I don't anymore like my working environment because of the incident with my co-worker which gave me an idea that they are treating me superficially. In terms with my work, I had doubts if I could be able to cope up with it. In this line of job, you should be all-knowing, efficient and flexible in the needs of your boss and customer. One simple mistake makes a big difference. I don't think I have the traits needed to meet the demands of my job. I am already succumb by it. Even in terms of salary, it is way too low compared to other companies. Is there still reason to stay? If I will really think about it, I could stay in order for me to gain more experience, nothing more nothing less. Maybe it is my turning point wherein from now on

Mother and Daughter Bonding

Yesterday was a day of celebration in the city.A local holiday was declared in celebration of "Araw ng Dabaw"'. Anywhere within the city is busy. My mother and I decided to stroll around the city. We went to the busiest street, the San Pedro street.A lot of people were there because it was the venue of drum and bugle competition. Aside from the competition, it is also were a lot of things for sale were displayed in the sidewalk. We bought a house decor, slippers and fruits at a cheaper price. After strolling in the street, our next destination had been the park in the city named as the People's Park. My mother had never been there before so even if a lot of people were there we never hesitated to enter the park. There was a competition for magicians in the event area of the park. We watched it for a while and then stroll in the park.We took pictures, watch the different views, sat in the benches and then finally decided to go home.What a busy day it was in the city an

Job Opportunities in Australia

A friend of mine arrived from Australia for a one month vacation here in the Philippines. She had been able to go to Australia through a student visa but had been able to work there at the same time. She is a registered nurse here in the Philippines and later on passed the licensure exam for nurses in Australia. While studying for a masteral degree, she had been able to find a job in a coffee shop but later on worked in a hospital. According to her a lot of job opportunities awaits in Australia especially in my field of specialization, accounting. Skilled workers are also needed in the field of hairdressing, cosmetology, bar tending, welding and hospitality. Although the Australian government had been strict in this field because of other nationality who were caught with fake documents,still, they will welcome workers who are willing to work there.So, if the job suits you and ready for it why not give it a try.

Me and My Big Mouth

There is this one person that I have known for quite some time already. Other people would tell me her lapses, attitude and frustrations with regards to her personality. With so many people telling me about this, I had a notion that it is a common knowledge among us who knows her what is her personality. Now, here comes me and my big mouth. I asked one person who knows her regarding why other people concluded that she has this unlikeable attitude. I don't know how things happened that it reached to her that I am the one telling stories about her. She emphasized to me that I am talking bad things about her behind her back and how could I say those things when according to her she is the opposite of it. At that point of time, I think for a while remembering all the things I have done.I replied to her message that I am not the one who tell stories to other people about her and that I am just a curious person who wondered why and tried to find answers to others. After some explanation

Maximized Time

I washed my clothes for today. Instead of bringing it to the laundry shop I did it myself. By doing it, I had been able to exercise, save money and maximized my time. It is important that each of us should know how to maximize our time. Instead of watching tv or doing nothing, we should think of things that would put value to our time and not letting it pass by worthlessly. Time is one thing that we cannot control that it should be considred with importance. Useful usage of time is better than having a futile time.

Man's Bestfriend

Dog's are man's bestfriend. They make us laugh, entertain us and even play with us.Sometimes the longer they stay with us the more we became emotionally attached to them. As I grew up, I am used to having dogs in our house.I love dogs and eventhough they don't belong to the high breed dogs I still love them.When I transferred to the city to study for college we tried to raise a dog for our house here. We either buy or bring a puppy from the province to be raised here in the city. No matter how we tried the puppies die after few months. Some puppies had been with us for several months already that we wept for their lost. Until such time that we finally decided to not anymore raise a dog here in our house in the city. One time when my cousin's son stayed with us, he brought a puppy. I told him that his puppy might die just like the rest of them.I was wrong, it was a miracle that the puppy survived. With it, we became hopeful that we can have another dog so we brought anot

Jokes in the Radio

Daughter: Dad, I'm pregnant with my BF... Dad: Did he did it against your will? Daughter: No dad, we did it against the wall.. :) Person 1: I am so tired with my present life.. Person 2: In that case, why not try the after life.. :)

Unreasonable Blame

It was Saturday and I was still in the office working. I was in a bad mood because before I left the house my brother keeps on giving me household chores and I am so tired. I am so exhausted that some unnecessary thoughts pop out of my mind. I am beginning to pity myself because I missed my planned night out, I am still in the office working when it is supposed to be a rest day and I have a brother who keeps on giving me works. I hate it to be in this way. When in times like this the only one who absorbs my anger, annoyance, and silliness is my boyfriend. I blamed him for not letting me attend my friends night out. I told him that I am so jealous with my friends because they got to enjoy a very nice place with all the nice pictures. I am letting him to know that I missed all the fun because of him. Despite of my unreasonable blames, he just said sorry. He said sorry for all the fun I missed because of him. Then, he promised that next time he will not hinder in all outings I w


I planned to have a weekend night out with my friends.On the scheduled day, my boyfriend arrived. He told me that since I have a night out he will just go home directly to the province after the transaction with his friend finished. We only see each other twice a month.So to balance all things,I told him to stay for a night and I will accompany my friends till midnight only.He stayed but make sure to me that I will go home by midnight.With these, I could have time with him as well as with my friends. But I haven't consider the availability of transport vehicles to where am I going.I just went there to see the scenario and go home. I missed all the fun.Still,even if it is not him I am seeing to I will still make that decision because it is an agreement where I said yes.

"I am a lesbian"

"I am a lesbian" are the words of my friend. A shocking revelation but acceptable for me. We have been friends for years already.I never thought that she would be like this.She is sexy, slim and very feminine in every way.She even had crushes.She has pedicure, manicure, and wears short shorts, mini skirts and sexy dresses, very much feminine,more feminine than me. I told her that it might be a mistaken conclusion or a temporary feeling.I suggested that a guy might change this. She replied that she had been in a relationship with a guy before but only then that she realized that she is falling in love to a girl at the same time.I told her that being a lesbian is not that easy.Accept it or not there is still discrimination in the society.Regardless of my views, she is already convinced that she is a lesbian. Lesbian or not, she is still my friend.Nothing can wipe away our years of friendship.Whatever her choices as long as she is happy, I would be here as a friend.Good luck fri

Flower horn

Flower horn fish is a breed of fish that has pink scales with some kind of Chinese imprints in its scales. As it grows older a big bulk forms on its forehead. In feng shui, it is believed to bring good fortune. My brother adapted two flower horn fish last December 20, 2009. They are two months old now. When he adapted them, they have same length with my thumb. Now, they are almost 3.5 inches long.They grow so fast. My brother named them Sniper and Tiger.Each has its own cube like aquarium.They are so energetic, attentive and playful.Even though they are almost alike, you can distinguish them by their traits.If you would put your finger or a wire in their aquarium, Sniper is the one who would not attack automatically but would wait for the right timing. Whereas, Tiger is the one that attacks automatically and would sometimes jumps out of its aquarium. They are so funny to look at.If their aquarium are placed near to the other one and they got to see each other, they will attempt to att

Hawaiian Twister

Since I am alone in the house today, I decided to eat in a fast food chain. I am so graving for a Hawaiian Twister that I decided to pass by at the KFC. Hawaiian Twister is a wrap up fried chicken, ham, pineapple, various fruits and other spices. It is a mixture of taste and what I like about this food is that it is like a viand and dessert wrap into one. It is so yummy that you would want to ask for more but watch out with the diet.


Three days had already passed since my brother and mother go home to our house in the province. Since then, I was left alone in the house. I was busy with work and household chores that I barely notice that I am alone in the house. Sometimes I like it this way because I got to do the things I wanted. I could watch TV for whole day without someone bothering me or cooking the food I want without minding if my housemates would like it and having a quiet place for myself. The disadvantages only of being alone are that I have to do all the household chores, shoulder all the expenses and for security purposes no one would be there for me if something bad will happen to me. Still, it is so nice to be alone for a while.

Unwanted body fats

When you always see yourself in the mirror, you won't notice what are the big changes of your body. Usually our friends and other people who haven't seen us for quite some time notice the differences. As I see myself in the mirror everyday,what I see is the same as yesterday.What I have not notice is that I am gaining some weight. I have a hormonal imbalance that triggers this to happen. Before I manage to lose some weight and because of this notion I became lax with my diet. It was only lately that this idea sink in to me. While shopping and fitting for some clothes I've notice the bulging excess fat. Also, some of my friends are telling me that I am gaining some weight. With these, I should not let these happen to me. I should look after with my diet. Since summer is approaching it would be an eye sore wearing a swimsuit exposing those unwanted body fats.I must strive to be physically fit.Hard work, self-discipline and good diet are the things I needed to reach my goal. S