Ice vs Fire

Each of us was born with unique personalities but we are categorized by our common traits. There are people who are loving,understanding,cool and soft spoken while others are mean, short minded, strict and harsh. When you get to encounter people with those latter type of traits it is so hard to maintain a good social relationship with them. You would often than not quarreled with them. As much as we want to push our ideas with these type of people it is useless because they are pickle minded and they won't accept others point of view.It feels so helpless communicating with them especially when they are almost yelling at you just to emphasize their point.So, in times like this better treat the fire with ice instead of adding fuel to it. To make the world more peaceful we should try to control our emotions and treat them in a nice way even if it is superficial rather than duet with them in yelling.It is better to settle things in a nice way rather than end up in hurting each other and ruining the relationship.An ice may not easily wipe out the fire but it can minimize the spreading of it and slowly wipe it out.



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