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Friendship Matters

         Thank God I arrived safely at home after a long travel from the province. This is the disadvantage of a couple who are not staying at the same place. My husband is at the province and I am on the city. So more often than not, one of us must travel to be able to spend some time with one another. I usually travel at early Monday morning and directly goes to work. I would usually be late by one hour. Good thing my direct superior is not that strict but I have to work fast to be able to finish my work on time for that day. As much as possible I don't want to be late because every minute of late is also tantamount to a deduction to the net pay.           Well today's travel had been different. I was only late by twenty minutes. Thanks to the good driving skills of my husband's friend. It was my first time to ride in the passenger van wherein he is the driver. On my previous travel, he saw me riding in a different van that he sent a message to my husband asking if I r

More Research

           Since I am on the process of writing my paper for my academic writing subject, I had been doing a lot of research  lately. I have chosen blogging as my topic. In line with this, I had been able to find some e-books regarding blogging. I really wanted to have a soft copy of it. Aside from doing it for my academic writing paper, I want to apply whatever I will learn from it in my blogging endeavors. While doing my reasearch I was able to encounter SEO and marketing firms like wpromote . I was also able to read more success stories in blogging. If there are success stories, there are also a lot of people who gave up blogging because it did not work out for them. I was also able to read journals regarding research of the definition of the word blog. According to this journal, there is no definite definition for it and it became a medium of communication. Blogging is not just a simple daily journal but it also been widely used in the academe, business, fashion and other social m

Academic Writing Experience

           Academic writing is my first subject this semester in my MBA class. I am very hopeful that at the end of my class I will learn a lot from it. I really wanted to enhance my writing skills and apply it in my job and in my blogging endeavors. True to my expectations, academic writing is not that easy. It is a formal type of writing and a lot of writing style should be followed in each part. I finally had my first draft in the research paper assigned and the experience was unforgettable. I made first my outline. After having my outline, my next problem had been what should the things I should write down to reach three to five pages. Filling up the references part is also quite tough.. APA style is the method that was required to be followed. So far, I was able to pass my first draft but I think there are a lot of things that must be changed, rephrase, include or edited on it. Good luck on my second draft!

Returning Home

        After  months of staying in a boarding house, I am now returning home to my mother's house. Though it is quite far, I would be doing this to save money to paid off our house and lot. Paying my rent as well as the electricity and water in my mother's house is too much to shoulder. In order to minimize our expenses, we decided to stay in my mother's house. I think this is the most practical thing to do. Hopefully, in the coming months we will be staying in our own house.

Adventure of a Lifetime

This post brought to you by Kia Rio . All opinions are 100% mine.         Given a chance for an adventure of a lifetime like the two teams, I would really grab that kind of challenge. Just imagine strolling L.A. with the 2012 Kia Rio 5-door and meet up your favorite star, what more could you ask for. It was a challenge which is like of a tour at the same time. The two teams went to five famous locations in L.A.. Their first stop was in Griffith Park Merry-Go-Round. They use cubes to answer L.A. trivia questions while riding in the Merry-Go-Round. To be able to get their clue for the next challenge, they put to reverse mode the shifter of the KIA Rio and Amoeba Records was automatically displayed on the screen. The team who will be able to find first the hidden CD of Christina Millan will win this second challenge. For me, this would be the most challenging because I think there are thousands of CDs out there and you would be looking for a single copy of a

Madonna Concert Tickets

        A friend of mine posted a picture of her Madonna tickets in her Facebook account. I admired her because she was able to buy that expensive madonna concert tickets and would be able to see Madonna perform live. This friend of mine has a rag-to-riches life story and whatever she is having right now, she truly deserves it. I know she could afford now to buy not only madonna concert tickets but also tickets like wharton center tickets and resch center tickets . Maybe she purchased it online because even has tickets for the warton center and the resch center seating charts and for the diva madonna tickets. I hope my friend enjoyed her madonna concert tickets . 

Goodbye Dra.!

         A great person passed away. She is a doctor, a mother, a wife, and a model public servant. She had been my aunt by marriage being the wife of my mother-in-law's brother. Though she had already been suffering from diabetes, it is still a pity that she died not by natural death but by an accident. She was with her family and they were on their way to her scheduled dialysis when they met an accident. A glass wounded her head and a bump to her head caused an internal bleeding. The doctors decided not to do an operation to her head because it would be useless. She had been to the hospital for days until her blood pressure already subsided. She left behind her husband, her son and daughter.           I know our whole town will surely miss her being our rural health unit doctor for several years already. She prefer to serve our town rather than grab better opportunities abroad or being in private hospitals that pay higher. She has this strong dedication to serve our town becau