Friendship Matters

         Thank God I arrived safely at home after a long travel from the province. This is the disadvantage of a couple who are not staying at the same place. My husband is at the province and I am on the city. So more often than not, one of us must travel to be able to spend some time with one another. I usually travel at early Monday morning and directly goes to work. I would usually be late by one hour. Good thing my direct superior is not that strict but I have to work fast to be able to finish my work on time for that day. As much as possible I don't want to be late because every minute of late is also tantamount to a deduction to the net pay. 
         Well today's travel had been different. I was only late by twenty minutes. Thanks to the good driving skills of my husband's friend. It was my first time to ride in the passenger van wherein he is the driver. On my previous travel, he saw me riding in a different van that he sent a message to my husband asking if I really been back to the city. My husband confirmed that I was traveling back to Davao but I was riding in a different van. He promised to his friend that next time that I will be back to the city I will ride his van. So I really rode in his van but there had been a funny story to it. The driver of the former van where I used to ride to is also an acquaintance. We don't want to let him know that I would not be riding in his van or to be put in a situation wherein to choose between the two. If  only there would be tracking devices in their van that would inform us that they already pass by. Since there is no way to know that they already pass by, we waited at the side part of the waiting shed which hides us from their view. We kept on peeping every time there is a vehicle that passes by. It is just like a hide and seek game. When we already knew that they already passed by, we immediately waited at the front of the waiting shed. hahaha.. It was a very childlike behavior but we had been able to made a good decision. I was able to minimize my late and value friendship at the same time.


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