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Online Shopping Experience with Zalora

           I was surprised yesterday when my officemate sent me a message that I have a package. He received it on my behalf since I was not around during those times. The only package I was expecting is from Zalora but I did not expect that it would arrive that early. I have just ordered it last Thursday night and paid it through my paypal account. I was able to received it by Monday. From feedbacks I have read from other bloggers, they were able to received their ordered items after a couple of days or even months. Still, I was so eager to use my P500 discount voucher for subscribing in their newsletter that I made the purchases. I did not regret it for I was able to receive the items I have ordered. Until next online shopping with Zalora.

Blurry Vision

     A couple of days ago, I was so alarmed by a sudden feeling of nausea, severe headache and blurry vision. It might had been the symptoms of anemia of which I had been diagnosed before or I might already be experiencing a slight eye problem. I don't want to wear an eyeglass  that I haven't visited an eye specialist yet. If only Marc Werner, MD is nearby that I could visit for a discounted eye diagnosis. Hope in the coming days I won't experience that feeling again.

Perfect Timing

      It has been raining almost everyday here in Davao City. This day had been different. There had been no signs that it will rain because the sky is clear and there are no heavy clouds. Since I assumed that it would not rain, I did not hurriedly went home and instead leisurely went to the supermarket to buy some groceries and had my dinner after that. After doing all the things that I have to do I went home. When I was already on the entrance of the subdivision where I stay, it was already drizzling. I was already inside the house when the heavy rain started to pour out. It was really a perfect timing and just in time for the rain to come by. Thank Lord for the safe trip and for not letting me get wet in the rain. 

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Long Holidays

      Today is the last day of work before the long holidays will start. There would be no work on Friday because of the Kadayawan Festival that will be celebrated here in Davao City. Monday and Tuesday is also a holiday because of Eid'l fitr and National Heroes day. It would be a long weekend and would mean a lot of days for relaxation. My husband send me an sms text message yesterday of our initial plan about what we would do over the long holidays. Our initial plan was to go to Cagayan to his main office and visit Iligan at the same time to visit the second longest falls in the Philippines which Maria Christina Falls and another famous falls which is Tinago Falls. I got excited about it but after thinking about the long distance we will travel and the tiredness we will encounter, we decided to cancel our first plan and we would just go home to our province. We would rather spend it with our love ones and have more days of relaxation. Maybe we will visit some resorts near our pl


Time flies so quickly that you barely notice how fast things change.  Prices in commodities rise fast as well as other investments.  Land prices for example have been rising so rapidly that even a few days of can make a big difference.  My husband and I have been looking for a house and lot for a few months now.  It was only then that we realized how fast the prices have increased over the years. We really wanted to have our own house as an investment and a permanent residence for us and our future children. We also wanted to own a house because every time we looked at furniture on websites like or some patio furniture in furniture shops, we didn't have a place where we could put it. Luckily a few months ago, we finally decided to purchase a house and lot on an instalment basis, but a few days of late decision incurred some changes. The one year instalment for equity became ten months of instalment payments which is a bigger amount compared to the one year instalmen

Happy To Have You

      It is not our anniversary or whatever occasion we should be celebrating. I am just happy to have my husband. This is married life and even if years had already passed by since the time I meet my husband, there are still certain things that I discover about him. He have traits that I highly appreciate and made me feel blessed to have him. Thank you so much Lord for having him as my partner in life.

Olympic Tickets

     It is already Olympic Season and even if London is so far away, I could still feel the Olympic atmosphere. It is very much talked about in the Internet, news, magazines and even in our office. My former classmate in college was able to have Olympic tickets for a bronze game in basketball. She was based on London as an auditor and from her place she was able to see the fireworks of the Olympics. I knew it would be a great experience for her as well as an anti stress event. Well, not only Olympic tickets could take away her stress as well as football tickets of  rutgers scarlet knights football tickets ,  southern florida bulls football tickets  and  syracuse orangemen football tickets . It is nice to watch these type of games to take away the stress, how much more if it is a historical event like the Olympics.