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Good News

     I was glad to hear from my husband this morning that the crusade in my hometown was a success. Seventy people were baptized in the name of Jesus. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to come in the crusade and haven't witnessed the whole event. I was here in the city working and had already incurred two absences few weeks ago that I could not be able to have another absences. When I was not yet employed, I had been to crusades and been able to witnessed different people touched by the presence of the Lord.. Only this time that the crusade was held in my hometown and the VOT (Voice of Triump) was there to support the event. VOT or Voice of Triump was a singing group who organize crusades in the different parts of the Philippines. They are individuals who have strong passion to spread the good news and for the salvation of souls. Though I was not been able to witness the event, I am happy to know that there had been a lot of people that was baptized in my hometown. More power VOT an

Happy Birthday BFF!!!

       This is my bestfriend Monessa. It is almost one year and a half since she past away and today is her birthday. Since she is not with us anymore, all I could do is post a greeting on her facebook photo on one of my friends account. She had been my (BFF) bestfriend forever that I really missed right now. We've been bestfriends in grade school and we had been classmates, seatmates, teammates and groupmates since we were in the nursery. I really had a lot of good memories with her. I could still remember when we were kids, we would play in the rain, when we are in campings, we would sleep hugging each other and sometimes teased each other. These are the things I surely missed to do with my BFF. It is only now that I realized how hard it is to look for a one true friend who would always be there for you through ups and downs. Before when I kept on looking for a friend I was able to meet my husband. Still, no one can replace Mone in my heart. Happy Birthday Mons and I really real

I Miss My Laptop

     Few days ago, I was in a hurry to leave my hometown so that I could be able to work on time with my job in the city. I left as early as four in the morning and was able to arrived at my workplace at around eight-thirty in the morning. Since I was in a hurry, I decided to leave my laptop to my husband so that I would have light baggage and also for the new software which was newly installed would be fixed. My only regret was that now that I don't have my laptop, I have more spare time to use it. Since I started working, I could barely open it because I had been busy with  my new job and I had a lot of  work overtime that I only go home to sleep. This few days had been different, I go home early from work since there had been minimal workload and I got nothing to do. I really miss my laptop. Hope I could be able to bring it after the holidays.

Job Interview with a Government Agency

       I just arrived from a two-day stay at my hometown. I received a phone call from a government agency for a scheduled job interview. Though I just had my first month stay on my new job, I never hesitated to ask for two days leave. I never missed the opportunity to be a able to have a job interview for a vacant position in a government agency. Though the processing time in applying for a position in the government may take several months or years, I will patiently wait for it. From the day I passed my resume, one month had gone by before they called for an examination. Four months had passed until the time they called for an interview. It was a panel interview and the questions are based on real situations wherein it is very hard to answer and  depend your stand in that situations. Hope I was doing fine in my job interview and I don't know if how many months should I have to wait to be able to know if I was hired or not. No matter what, I will grab  any  opportunities for a vac

Partner for Life

     I was grateful to be able to find my partner in life. However, my co-workers, friends and other acquaintances who are the same age as mine or older than me that are still single were already in panic in looking for their partner in life. Social events, phone pals, love letters and many more had been the means for others in looking for the one but online chat had paved the way for a lot of singles to be able to meet their partner for life. One of these online sites is chatroulette . It is a website for singles looking for their match. With this site, it is possible to meet real Italian girls. Not only Italian girls but other people from other countries as well. From time to time you would be able to meet random strangers that one of them could be the partner for life that you are looking for. Life is beautiful but it is more beautiful living and sharing each moments with a partner for life. 

Car Show

       In one of our strolling at a mall, we had been lucky enough to be able to witness a car show. The cars where displayed at the entertainment area of the mall which situated at the center. I was really amazed by the beautiful cars that was displayed. From sport car to a vintage car. I just can't imagine how luxurious this cars had been and how expensive they may be. There are cars that has sound system and LCD monitors. There was also a car that emits white smoke. Mostly of the cars showed are sports car with nice pictures on it. There where also family cars but the accessories is so extravagant. It has been a successful car show with a lot of cars and a lot of viewers. Here are some pics I took. 

Leisure Time

     When we are bored and don't have anything to do, we usually spend our time watching DVDs, playing games, reading and many more. Nowadays, we are very much privilege because of the different movies, games, eBook and social networking sites in the internet that will occupy our leisure time. Unlike before, if you want to play cards you should really look for a playing partner to play with you. Now, we have computer games that don't need a playing partner. Before, if you want to play bingo, you should go to bingo house to be able to do so. Now, there are a lot of bingo sites to choose from wherein you could play bingo anytime and anywhere you want.  Anything you need to occupy you is already available at the end of your fingertips. There is really a big difference from now and before in terms of leisure. Physical presence is more needed before, unlike now wherein more on virtual world. Technology really shapes up our culture even our leisure activities. There are really   a l

Room For Rent

     When I started working in my new job, my travel time had been one hour and thirty minutes. In one week's time, there had been a lot of overtime that we usually go home late in the evening. When it is already late, I find difficulty in finding a ride. My one and a half hour of travel time would be added by another one and a half hour of waiting. It is really tiresome and my rest is not enough because I have to wake up early the next day. That is why I decided to look for room for rent. Since I don't have much time to do this, my husband was the one who did this for me. Luckily, he was able to find a room for rent near my workplace. It was a two-storey house wherein the second floor is where the room is located. It has hardwood flooring and enough space for occupants. The rental fee is already inclusive of water and electric expense but I paid additional fee for the rice cooker and laptop. Being able to find a place like this is already a great help. I could be able to go h

Coffee Lovers

         My husband and I are coffee lovers. His friends and relatives are also coffee lovers. Since we are devoted Christians, alcoholic drinks are not allowed. So when his friends and relatives would go to our house, we have a coffee session instead of drinking session and would talk about anything under the sun. Most of the time, his brothers or friends would visit us at our house. The more visitors we have, the more coffee we drink. There was a time that we had been able to drink four cups of coffee in a day. That is why sometimes our body is really looking for  coffee. My husband and I also tried the different flavors of coffee offered at the different coffee shops. When Starbucks opened a branch in Davao City at Abreeza Mall, we never hesitated to order a cup of their coffee. Though it is a bit expensive compared to others, it is worth it.

Goodbye Wisdom Tooth

       I have no choice, I had to let it go. I take care of my teeth but our genes really have weak teeth that no matter how much care I put in it, it will still have decays. It was only last year when I had it to be check by the dentist. The dentist cleaned it and put tooth filling or "pasta". Last week the pasta was removed on its own and that was the time when I discovered that my tooth is fully damage. It cannot be save anymore.  I don't know if it was not fully cleaned before the other dentist put the tooth filling that is why it was attacked by tooth decay or it is really too weak. Since, it is already fully damaged, it has to be put out by the dentist. I don't want to have missing tooth but I have to put it out or I will suffer the toothache. Goodbye wisdom tooth and thank you for the happy eating I had with you.