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Hello September!

Today marks the first day of September. It would also mean that Christmas is approaching wherein Christmas songs would now be starting to play in the radio and Christmas decors would be displayed again. Aside from Christmas, this month also I will be turning twenty seven and my husband and I would now be ten years since our status became in a relationship. Well, September has a lot of things to offer to me but I just wish for a good health for me and my family, more blessing and spiritual growth. So here comes September and I know it would pass by faster than we know it. 

I am Healed!

     After three days at the hospital, I am now back at our house. It has been almost ten years since the last time I was hospitalized. I didn't expect that I would be hospitalized because I thought it was just a plain flu but I was wrong. It started last Sunday as a headache and I was okay the next day. I was still able to report in the office on the afternoon but latter that night I got a high fever that I was on sick leave on the next day. Since there is no one that could accompany me while I am sick, I went home to the province with my husband. I felt better during the travel. Since Wednesday had been a holiday, I was able to visit the camp ground of our church. The camp ground was located on a higher ground and it was so cold in there so my husband and I decided to go home. Later that night back in our house, I had again a high fever and thankfully it subsided but it made me decide to schedule a check up with a doctor by morning. Our guess is either UTI or dengue. I prayed th


My vacation leaves are not monetized so I better use it. I filed for a two-day leave just enough for me to take a rest so as my work would not be affected. I have not planned much for this vacation. I just went home to the province to spend some time with my husband and my family. I've got a chance to visit my father's tomb before his birthday and death anniversary. I also been able to attend a Sunday service in my home church. I also never miss the chance to have a  whole body "hilot" or massage. It is a way to correct the position of the ovary. I also been able to visit our neighboring towns despite the bomb threats but it was ok. Though I did not spend my vacation on a beach or any tourist destinations, I am happy to spend it with my husband and my family in a simple way. I was able to take a rest and been able to relax my eyes and mind from work. Looking forward for my next vacation. ;)

God's Will

There are certain things in life that we want for ourselves but not given. Later on  we would realize the reason why it was not given which is for us to be a better person.  I received a sadden news today. I was not accepted in the government agency where I applied a couple of months ago. All this time I thought I was only waiting for an appointment letter because I already submitted my employee requirements and done a series of interviews. Only up to this day that I have known that my batch mate was already accepted and had been reporting to the office assigned for one month already. She said that they repeated the whole process a couple of months ago but only few of them was called to do so. Maybe because of the new head that was assigned or because of some other reasons why it was repeated. There are some disappointments on my part because it was one of the competitive jobs I could have if I would stay in the province. It is a secured job working in a government agency. It ends up a