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62nd Founding Anniversary

         December 25, 2010 is the 62nd founding anniversary of United Pentecostal Church (UPC) Baguer, Pigcawayan,Cotabato. My late father-in-law was the pioneering pastor of this church and my brother-in-law is the  present pastor.The invited speaker of the event is the national music director of UPC Philippines, Rev.Samuel O. Embalsado. He is an ECE Board topnotcher who chosed to preach the word of the Lord rather than pursue his career.Aside from having an excellent speaker,the event also had a child dedication,mini concert and fireworks display.It had been a memorable, meaningful and successful event. Hope to be part of it again next year.

As Promised

         Today is our 12th day as a married couple. Once again we are separated by distance, I work here in Davao while he works in our hometown in Cotabato. We have only been together for 3-4 days during Christmas holidays. During those times, I highly appreciated my husbands' actions. He cooks and wash our dishes. He sweeps our house and paid someone to do the laundry for us. He never leaves me alone in the house.Funny it seems but there is also a time when he volunteered to shave my legs and combed my hair wherein I hesitated but still let him do it. I always joked him that I will savor the moment because it might not be the same next year but he will reply with a question that did he ever change? Well, this is married life and as promised by my husband, he takes care of me.

Wedding Preparations

         I have seven days left to prepare the things I need for my upcoming wedding. I got engaged last Dec. 3 and I am getting married on Dec. 16. That is thirteen days of planning but during the engagement my fiancĂ©e’s  family assured us that they will help us in everything we need. So the first thing we did is to list down the things we need, the budget alloted and who is the designated person. Here is our wedding  checklist:                                    Budget        Person Designated     1. Invitation              P2,000        Pastor Neil                           2. Venue Setup          5,000        Jimmy & Karai                           3.Giveaways              2,000        me                               4.Wedding Dress          -            Ria & Nene                           5.Food                    25,000        tata,abet & pastor art     6. Flowers                 2,000        karai     7.Cake                     3,000        Ocay          

Successive Travels

          For the sake of some obligations and of the big day I have travelled successively from Friday to Monday this week. It has been so tiresome  but I have to endure this. Friday afternoon was when I travelled from Davao to my hometown, Pigcawayan, so that my mom and my bf's family could talk.The passenger van left Davao at around 2pm and arrived at my hometown at around 6pm. The following day I travelled again returning to Davao using a private car. I have to attend my masteral class that we left my hometown at 6.30am, drop by to some areas and reached Davao at around 11 am. The next day, Sunday,I have to attend my accounting department Christmas party and must return to my hometown so that we could apply for our marriage license.Using private car, we left Davao at 2pm and arrive at 5pm in my hometown. Monday,after my bf and I already applied for our marriage license and attend to some things we need to fix, my mother and I left Midsayap, the town before my hometown, at 2pm a

Talk It Out

         After months of hesitation,I finally did it. I told everything to my mom my sufferings,what I wanted to do and what I am going through right now.My lovelife had been in chaos lately because of the postpone engagement in the previous month that I don't have much courage to brought up the topic again to my family. Maybe my bf and I got tired of our situation that we want to clear things out and of where our relationship is heading to.I  got tired already of the drama, of understanding the situation and of the pressure my bf is giving me. Maybe all these things gave me enough courage to tell my mom our intention of getting married.However  I could not get a positive response from mom. My bf and I planned to have the wedding secretly but a mutual friend of ours advised us to tell my mom about this. I myself doubt if I do it, if I could betray my family this way. So I decided that no matter what happened I should tell my mom.I should talk it out.So I go home and set the date wh