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Community Service @ Balay Pasilungan

As part of the social responsiblity activities of the company, this year we decided to visit Balay Pasilungan at Datu Bago, Bangkerohan, Davao City. This is a foundation that cares and provides shelter for street children. As of now, there were fourteen street children at their care.  Doing community service is a very nice experience. It was self-fulfilling and let us appreciate more the blessings we are receiving. I am happy that the company is having this activity and that in our small way we could also be able to share our blessings. I hope other companies will also give importance to their social responsibilties to the community not only focusing on the financial status of their operation. I am happy to be able participate in this activity. Until the next community service. 


     My superior offered me a job opportunity today. It is not really a promotion but a job position to head another project. It was not only offered to me but I showed my interest to it. It is a bookkeeping job with foreign clients. After my superior told it to us I really told her that I am really interested with the job for I want to learn more and experienced bookkeeping. I tried bookkeeping before and I loved it. I do not know what lies ahead. Whatever maybe the result of this, I know it will be according to God's plan for me. 

Sexy Body

     It has been months since I keep on tracking my weight. Since then there is no development in achieving my goal. There are still no changes that happened. I am very hopeful that my weight will decrease but it looks like it is increasing or it looks like it get stuck on a stable number. I do not want to be at this state and I think I do not have strong motivation in order achieve this goal. I have a lot of plans but it is not followed because of some health issues or some other activities. Now I admit losing weight is really challenging and not easy. If things did not work out for me in achieving my goal to lose weight, for some it did work out.      My officemate seems to do things that work out for him in his endeavor to lose weight. He has the motivation to stay focus and do everything to lose weight. He is losing weight and continues losing. He has a strict routine in going to the gym every morning and keeping track of his diet. He is also building up more muscles even if at

Excited for the Layout

     Finally the subdivision developer sent a text message yesterday as to when we will schedule the layout of our house. At first, I was not aware as to what it must be that I asked a lot of question. After a lot of exchange of messages, in my own understanding, layout is when the owner will decide on how or on which side will they want to position their house on the lot they purchased. It is not a big lot but it was a corner lot that my husband and I want to position the house where the remaining spaces of the lot would be maximized. I just hope that we could easily decide as to which side should our front view be facing and that there could still be enough spaces left for a garden or for a parking space. I am really looking forward for the house to be finally constructed.      It is really nice to own a house. Although I am the only one that stays in my mother's house, I still want to invest in having my own house. I want to buy furniture, appliances and house decors in my ow