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Site Suspended

      I was shocked to know that my accounting blog was suspended. I already purchased the domain of it so that it will not be suspended, still it got suspended. I could not log in my wordpress account to correct it. Sometimes the pop up statement would tell that the  cookies were not enabled in the browser but it was enabled already. I already email wordpress support about it, hope in the coming days I could be able to get feedback on it. I made that blog site in order to refresh my accounting knowledge as well as to share my CPA review notes which is also the title of the blog. If anyone also experienced liked this and had been   able to retrieve his/her site, your advice would be highly appreciated. Thanks.  

Frustrated Gardener

      I like plants and I have the green thumb for it. I have grown few plants already and some trees. I also have magazines and books about gardening. Mostly of the write ups are from other countries like home and garden uk which are very nice to look at. My brother bought those books that when I saw the images on those books I also dreamed to be able to grow those plants.       I really love plants and  I like it when there are plants in places where I usually stay. One time I bought a small plant and brought it in the office. I took care of it everyday. When I resigned from my job, I brought that little plant with me and never really gave it even if my former co-worker really wants to have it. I brought it home and it is the only plant in our house since we are only starting out as married couple. Though the plant is very little, it still manages to sprout another branch in its little pot. I am so happy to see that little plant and I am really looking forward to see it with so many

Training Sessions

     Our foreigner clients had been with us for almost a week now. We are quite busy in entertaining them and in doing our daily tasks. Aside from that there are also a lot of training sessions that we had for this week. Almost everyday, we are having WEBEX training sessions. Though we have the two clients with us, the one who trains us is from London. He trains us through the Internet with WEBEX wherein we would just look on our desktop on what he is talking about and we just had loudspeakers to hear him out clearly. It is amazing how Internet could do these things. Though our trainer is not physically present, the training sessions went out well. It is like watching and listening to someone in a typical training. It was a nice experience for me. Imagine we are viewing someone’s desktop in London and we are from Philippines. That is hundred of kilometers apart, maybe three plane rides and seven hours time difference. It is amazing how things were connected right now. We are just very

Gadget Accessories

      Cellphones, Ipad, camera, Ipod Touch and PSP are only few of the many gadgets that many people have. They had been carrying it around anywhere they may go. It also became an essential part of our lives wherein without it, it would be hard to keep up with the fast pace of life. Cellphones for example is very essential because important contacts are stored that we may call or send text messages for important matters or in case of emergencies. That is why we have gadget accessories to protect our gadgets for it to last longer or merely for designs. We have cellphone cases, strap, small bags, beads and many more as accessories for cellphones. For protection, protective sleeves for iPad are also good gadget accessories. It may be for protection, design or for fashion reasons it is nice to spice up the looks of our gadgets especially that we are always carrying it around. 

Family Cook Book Project

Men of UPC Baguer at Cannibad

              A Regional Men's Conference was held at Panabo City. So the men in our church, who were composed of married men, set out to travel to Panabo City. They included in their itinerary a visit to Cannibad to relax. The travel party composed of six motorcycles, one car and one passenger vehicle. Our travel time had been five hours from our place to Davao City. All in all maybe we are about forty people who traveled. At around 8PM we been able to arrived at Davao City. Cannibad is part of Island Garden City of Samal (IGACOS) wherein we had to sail in a barge. From the wharf to Cannibad, would take up a couple of kilometers of land trip. We had been travelling at the middle of the night and the road was quite stiff. Some of the men  were already exhausted and keep on asking how far is it. At last we finally arrived at eleven in the evening but there is still one challenging thing to do before we have to take a rest. From the parking area towards the seashore, the road is too

Working With Foreigners

      Our boss from Belgium arrived two days ago and another two bosses from London arrived yesterday. On Monday our clients from London will arrived to give us some training and would do some observation so that they could suggest on how to speed up our work. It is my first time to work with foreigners and working up with them would entail using a lot of English language in speaking up with them. It would also hard to understand some of their words because of the accent they are using.     I am glad that our Belgian boss is very accommodating and approachable. He gave us some introduction about the international company we are working on. He told us that right now the company has 42 branches in 26 countries and promising opportunities awaits us. He also told us that our clients appreciates the quality of our outputs that they would gave us more batches starting next year. He likes Davao so much that he wants to expand the branch here from less than twenty to about one hundred next yea

Seafood Cravings

      Lobster, shrimps, crabs, and seaweeds are some of the seafood I like to eat. My husband also can’t resist the different delicacies of shrimps, lobster and crabs. Lucky for us, we are not allergic to seafood that we could eat as many as we want. That is why if there are seafood that we like in the menu of any restaurant we came across to, we do not hesitate to order some. Only now that I knew, that a famous seafood restaurant, Red Lobster, gives away red lobster coupons and red lobster printable coupons that could save some money at the next visit without minimizing the savory taste of their seafood.      Red Lobster is a famous chain of seafood restaurant that offers delicious seafood meals.  I was originally founded in Lakeland, Florida in the year 1968 and as of to date there are now 680 restaurants in US and Canada. With the number of years of its existence, it is already a manifestation of how the people loved it and the dishes they served. It has been their mission to serv