Men of UPC Baguer at Cannibad

        A Regional Men's Conference was held at Panabo City. So the men in our church, who were composed of married men, set out to travel to Panabo City. They included in their itinerary a visit to Cannibad to relax. The travel party composed of six motorcycles, one car and one passenger vehicle. Our travel time had been five hours from our place to Davao City. All in all maybe we are about forty people who traveled. At around 8PM we been able to arrived at Davao City. Cannibad is part of Island Garden City of Samal (IGACOS) wherein we had to sail in a barge. From the wharf to Cannibad, would take up a couple of kilometers of land trip. We had been travelling at the middle of the night and the road was quite stiff. Some of the men  were already exhausted and keep on asking how far is it. At last we finally arrived at eleven in the evening but there is still one challenging thing to do before we have to take a rest. From the parking area towards the seashore, the road is too stiff and too high.

View from the Parking Area
       I think my knees are shaking when I reach the seashore. Since we are all exhausted, we immediately had a good night sleep. When the morning comes, a beautiful sunrise awakens us. The view is so beautiful like you were in a paradise. The water was so clear that if only we have wetsuits, snorkel or scuba equipments we could explore it more. We swam as long as we wants. Men of UPC Baguer really had a great time at Cannibad. This is what awaits us there.  


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