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Back to School

I am officially enrolled. Tomorrow will be the first day of school under Graduate Program. Since first day would also be the orientation of the first year we are not yet required to go to class. It would mean that I am still free from assignments and any requirements. Just in case I have one, no worries for I have the help I need like math homework help , the Internet, books, source material in the library and other references. Good luck to me on another year of schooling.

Excited Much for School

    First semester will be starting soon for my MBA class. It would mean that my Saturdays would now be fully booked for my MBA class. I am not yet enrolled but we were planning to do it at the end of the month few days before the first semester will start. I am excited for the opening of it. I had been out of school since October that I am very excited to start again going to school. I know that the subjects for this semester would be difficult but I hope I could pass it all. I know that in times that I need statistics homework help , I could be able to have it. It is my dream to finish my MBA and attach the MBA word at the end of my name.

Lost Wedding Rings

     It is sad but its true. I already exhausted all means to find it. I already asks the tricycle driver if it was left in his tricycle. I search already my room and some parts of the house just for the hope of finding my wedding rings. It was on my coin purse. I do not know why for so long I kept it on my coin purse. It was mine and my husband's wedding rings. Some superstitious belief tells that if a wedding ring lost or break, the couple would also be separated. Just to at ease myself and do my homework of searching the internet if the superstitious belief is true, I was able to get positive answers. One of them is that a couple lost a wedding ring on the day of the wedding but they are still together for 36 years now. That is a relief  but I still want to cry for the lost wedding rings and some money bills on my coin purse. My husband do not want to scold me because I will scold him back. (:,) So here is the story of how I lost my coin purse together with the wedding rings.

Keep on Writing

     "Keep on writing" that is what on my mind right now. I would keep on writing to finish the opportunities given to me. Opportunities on writing pay per post does not  come everyday. This writing jobs online is not a constant job that will give me daily work. That is why I set my mind that in every opportunities, I will keep on writing. I just recently received my payment from Google Adsense. It inspires me to write and earn at the same time. The recent payment I received helped me a lot in paying some bills. The only hesitations I have is that I do not have available ID anymore that I must present in claiming my payment. Well, if that another payment will arrived I will surely look for another way to claim it.        I started writing online specifically blogging as a hobby and it is also one way of improving my skill in writing. Later on I continue writing and learn to love it. It was not easy for I am not used to writing but I tried to write just to keep my blog upd

Stranded by Flood

It rained heavily yesterday and it brought me a very unforgettable experience. I came out early from the office that night. On the way home is to pass a mall. Since I was planning to buy a new shoes I pass by inside the mall and bought it. When I was at the exit of the mall, it was raining already that I hesitated to go out but rather stayed inside the mall and had dinner. I was so eager to go home that I even had my dessert to be taken out. When I was in the exit again I noticed that the rain is still pouring heavily. So I decided to wait inside the mall for the rain to stop. When after almost one hour of waiting, I decide that even if the rain did not stop I will try my luck to be able to take a ride and go home. Outside the mall, a lot of passengers are waiting for a ride, but there is no jeepney or taxi. The mall is already closed so I decided to go back to the office since it is near the mall. When I came back to the office the streets are already flooding. Some of my co employees

Google Adsense Earnings

Finally, I already reached the $100 threshold  of Google Adsense and just this morning I was able to receive my first payment from them. I could not believe it for only now that I was able to receive a payment from them after almost three years of blogging. Patience to wait and perseverance to continue blogging despite some discouragements are the things that pave the way for me to be able to reach the $100 threshold and receive my payment. This is truly amazing and a manifestation that there is really money in blogging through Google Adsense. Thank you so much Google, blog visitors, co-bloggers and to my blog mentor who introduced me to blogging. May this inspires others to continue blogging.                - "To God be the glory."