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Food Safety

       It is my first time to experience it. Lucky for me, I was looking at my food before taking in a spoonful of it which I seldom do because I either watch TV or the monitor of  my desktop at the office. I was looking at the bowl of my food when I saw a shiny object. I immediately look unto it and was shock to see that it is a thumbtacks pin.  I was frightened with the idea that I almost eat it and what will happen if it goes directly to my stomach. I can't believe it. It has been an awakening to me to be very careful in choosing my food provider. Not all food provider value the safety of the food they are serving. Hope this would be the last time that something like this will happen to me.

Prompt Response

        Thank God! My suspended site is now activated. A prompt response had been made by wordpress support group to answer the issues concerning my CPA Review Notes blog. I send a message to the wordpress support regarding my suspended site and within twenty four hours they responded and activated it. According to the reply I got from them, my site was flagged by their automated anti-spam controls. They reviewed my site and removed the suspension notice. I could now access my site and post some write ups there. Thank you so much wordpress support for the prompt response.