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Nine Years

       I was awoken by a phone call at five in the morning. It was my husband greeting me a Happy Anniversary!. I disagreed because we were married on the month of December not September. He reminded me that the date was the day I said yes to his proposal to be his girlfriend. That was nine years ago. Time flies really fast and we are married couple now. I hope there would be more happy years of being together. May God Bless us always

One Year Anniversary at Work

     One year had passed by since the day I  started working on my second employer. Time runs so fast that I barely notice it. Maybe I feel that way because I love what I am doing. I never felt under paid, stressed out or full of back loads at work. I also like the companionship and friendship offered by my co workers. There is no demanding, strict or angry boss yelling at me. Each day passes smoothly wherein I could still deliver my work diligently. I hope things would continue to run smoothly the way I like it. I am now looking forward on using my vacation leaves and hoping for more anniversaries to come at work.

Weight Problem

      Few months ago I was shocked by the result of my medical examination which stated that I was overweight. I was still able to get a clearance by then but the overweight note was still written in it. It was disappointing and depressing at the same time.      Months before that, I was able to maintain  my weight and even if I resigned from my previous job to take some rest, I was still able to maintain it. It was only then when I  had another job and stayed on a boarding house that I gained some weight. I do not cook at that time and I usually eat at fast food restaurants wherein soda drinks is always part of my meal.    I lack physical exercise because I only have to ride a tricycle and it would bring me directly to my workplace, restaurants or malls nearby. I had been  playing badminton before but it was stopped because of conflict of schedule with my MBA class. I was also able to buy a weighing scale just to watch out my weight. Sad to say I did not succeed in losing some weig

Family Bonding @ Asik Asik Falls

      It was a holiday and Asik-asik Falls had been the perfect destination we had in mind for a family bonding. I was able to know this place on the month of May but because of the hectic schedule, we were not able to visit it. After months of waiting, I finally reach this place. My brother-in-laws had been able to visit this place before and they accompany us to visit it back. Asik asik falls is located at Brgy, Dulao, Alamada, North Cotabato. It is a newly discovered nature attraction and I was so happy that it is located in our province. The view is so amazing and enchanting at the same time. I will surely visit it again. For more info  please visit my other blog. Just click the link .