Weight Problem

      Few months ago I was shocked by the result of my medical examination which stated that I was overweight. I was still able to get a clearance by then but the overweight note was still written in it. It was disappointing and depressing at the same time.
     Months before that, I was able to maintain  my weight and even if I resigned from my previous job to take some rest, I was still able to maintain it. It was only then when I  had another job and stayed on a boarding house that I gained some weight. I do not cook at that time and I usually eat at fast food restaurants wherein soda drinks is always part of my meal.    I lack physical exercise because I only have to ride a tricycle and it would bring me directly to my workplace, restaurants or malls nearby. I had been  playing badminton before but it was stopped because of conflict of schedule with my MBA class. I was also able to buy a weighing scale just to watch out my weight. Sad to say I did not succeed in losing some weight. It remains the same.
      I am still not giving up on the idea of losing weight. I will keep on trying until I could lose more weight. I am planning on engaging myself on more physical activities and be conscious of my diet. I  already stop drinking soda drinks and would now prefer high protein snacks rather than heavy meals. I just only hope that my anemia would be cured so that I could push myself on rigorous exercise. Hope in the coming days or months I could see the number of kilos of my weights dropping. This would really be a big challenge for me.


Anonymous said…
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