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Lake Holon: A trekking trip destination with friends

                            Lake Holon, awarded as the cleanest lake in the Philippines and was surrounded by 15 mountains. It could be found in the Municipality of T'boli, South Cotabato and could be reached via walking trek of two to four hours from the center of the municipality.                   I admit it, I am not prepared for this. My one month of supposed to be preparation was not enough. With my current body size, I don't think I could make it. Well, I made it. I was able to reach Lake Holon in one piece together with my friends. The Kule trail in going to the lake was challenging but the view of the lake was so amazing. The horseback riding in going back to our destination from Lake Holon through Salacafe trail is also a memorable one. I could say this is the trekking trip me and my friends will never forget.                                PS. I will tell more of my Lake Holon experience in my other blog - Reina' Travels          

Back to Blogging

        Hello there! I am now back. After almost two years of being so silent in the blogging world, I am now really back. Well, office works, online job and personal stuff kept me busy this past few years but I am happy to share with you that finally I already finished my Master's degree in Business Administration. Anyways, back to my blog. What to expect now that I am back? Of course, top of the list is my travels. Check out Reina's Travels for all travel related posts. Another thing I want to write is about food with all the recipe and restaurants. Next is flowers and other plants. I am now into succulents so expect that I will write about it. The last but not the least topic is too personal for me which is about my dogs. The big dog in the picture above is my baby Chicco. So stay put in my blog and I will keep you posted. :)

After "Six Days From Now"

                        Two years ago I wrote " Six Days From Now ", which talks about the things I want to achieve after I quit my job in a BPO company. Well, here I am again after quitting my job in a government agency. The past two years had been a whirlwind experience and this is what happened after I wrote Six Days from Now.            On the night of my last day at work, I was offered an online job. Since it is homebased and accounting related, I accepted it immediately. We transferred at my husband's cousin place since our internet is not that stable. Things run smoothly for a week, when my former co-worker informed me that a government agency is looking for an accountant. I submitted my application papers for I thought that applying for a government position takes years. I was wrong, I was hired immediately and reported on duty the next day. My appointment papers was given to me after seven months. Things run smoothly. Also, a good internet connection was of