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Man in my Dreams

I dreamed again of him last night. He often visits me in my dreams. He was a past acquaintance whom I don't have any intimate connections to. Last night, in my dreams we shake hands because after several years we bump into each other. The following day, the lady rumored to have a relationship with him was my co-passenger in the jeepney. It has been like this for years already and it is still a big mystery for me. From time to time I would dreamed of him. It is like an uninvited visit in my dreams. It is so annoying because it always reminds me of him.Sometimes it gave me some doubts with the relationship I am into. Ideas come into my mind that maybe he is the man destined for me but how could that be because for several years already I don't have any communications with him or even seen him. In the first place, I am very much contented and happy with the relationship I am into. I would very much appreciate it if he would stop visiting me in my dreams.Still, it would remain as

Samal Adventure – Florenda

My brother recently comes home after nine months of working at the sea in a cargo ship. He treats us into a beach getaway. Our former plan is to be at the Kaputian Beach. But when we pass by into one of our family friends, he led us into the Florenda beach resort. It is the beach resort next to Punta del sol at the town of Penaplata. It is a newly open resort fitted for relaxation, swimming or an overnight stay with their available fully-furnished guest houses. With the location of the resort, you would have a nearer view of Davao City and the MT. Apo from the Samal Island. The swimming area is also a natural scenery wherein you will get to see starfish, sea urchins, corals and small fishes. Since, it is a newly open beach resort it is not yet crowded with guests. In fact, at the time we visit it, my family is their sole customer. It is like having the resort exclusive for us. I had a relaxing, enjoyable and memorable Samal Adventure at Florenda.

Simple Gift

Gift comes in various forms. May it be small or big, soft or hard, long or wide, expensive or cheap, what matters most is the value we put into and our noble intention to let the receiver of the gift be happy. In the celebration of my mother’s Thanksgiving Party, I together with my siblings decided to gave my mother a simple gift. I come up with an idea to give her a charcoal painting of herself as a remembrance from us. Together with the painting is a thank you card with our personal messages. When I gave it to her, she first read the thank you card. She gave time to read all our personal messages written in the card. Then she carefully unwrapped our present. She smiled. I was so delighted seeing her smile. She even showed the painting to my auntie. That confirms that she liked it. It maybe a simple gift but I know somehow that it touch my mother’s heart.

Welcome into the Christian World Baby Edrich

Christening or baptism is a religious ritual commonly done to welcome an individual into the Christian world. For Catholics it is the first sacrament to be received and usually done when they are still babies. For other religious sectors, baptism or christening is done when they reach the age of reason or the age when they can fully understand what they are into. As Catholics, my family and I recently welcomed into the Christian world my sister’s baby, my niece Edrich Joy. She was five months old. Even at her young age, she never threw out her tantrums during the ceremony and never cried especially when the holy water was poured into her head. Aside from her parents’ friends, her uncles and aunties are her godparents at the same time. I was one of them. I hope I could be a responsible auntie and godparent to my niece. I hope and pray that my niece would grow up to be a good Christian. Welcome into the Christian World Baby Edrich.

Customer's Safety

Customer satisfaction is the main goal of any type of businesses but customer's safety should never be neglected. Last night, I stopped by in a hardware shop. I was looking for a fish food for the flower horn fish of my brother. Near the stool where pet food where displayed there were hardware staff repairing something. Since there was no signage or caution not to enter, I continue choosing for the fish food displayed. After the staff where finished with what they are doing, they left. Seconds after they left, the fluorescent lamp above my head exploded and shattered glass were falling. When that happened I was so engrossed in choosing the right food for the fish that my instant reaction to it was a bit surprised and never mind it. One of the staff asked me, “Seriously Maam, are you hurt?”. I inspected myself for anything that might be aching. Since I couldn’t feel anything that hurts, I replied “no”. To think of it, if the worst thing happened, the shattered glass might fall on