Simple Gift

Gift comes in various forms. May it be small or big, soft or hard, long or wide, expensive or cheap, what matters most is the value we put into and our noble intention to let the receiver of the gift be happy.

In the celebration of my mother’s Thanksgiving Party, I together with my siblings decided to gave my mother a simple gift. I come up with an idea to give her a charcoal painting of herself as a remembrance from us. Together with the painting is a thank you card with our personal messages. When I gave it to her, she first read the thank you card. She gave time to read all our personal messages written in the card. Then she carefully unwrapped our present. She smiled. I was so delighted seeing her smile. She even showed the painting to my auntie. That confirms that she liked it. It maybe a simple gift but I know somehow that it touch my mother’s heart.


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