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Succulent Plants Fever

                   This is a succulent plant or also known as " water storage plant ". It has thickened and fleshy parts that usually retain water. I was fascinated by it because of its popularity, uniqueness and beauty. It is also easy to take care because it does not need more attention and watering. I just leave it on a sunny spot and that's it. Lucky for me, I could buy these plants for P50-100 pesos only which is relatively cheap. I just transfer it to beautiful pots and keep it dry. I am hooked into this for months now and so far here are my collections.                    The picture above is popularly known as "Hen and Chicks" succulent plant with scientific name of Echeveria secunda . This is my first succulent plant and so far it has propagated small plants all over it that needs repotting. I already transferred some of it to new pots but I am happy to see it growing and propagating new ones. This is commonly known as Topsy Turvy - Mexican