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Body Imprints

Scar is the aftermath of wounds. It is a wound that fully healed but left as a mark. Each scar has its own story. It is an imprint of ones’ memories. When I was young, I don’t care if I get wounded, injured, or have some scratches. All I care about is playing. My mother often scolded me if I get wounded. She would tell me that each wound would result to a scar and it is not pleasing to look at especially if you are a girl. Despite of this, I still don't care. I keep on playing without taking good care of my body.I got a lot of wounds out of biking, playing hide and seek and other games. When I got older, I realize my mother was right. Scar lessen my self-confidence and it is a hindrance in wearing some type of clothes.But it would be a constant reminder to me that I am once a hard-headed child who would not listen to her mother. It would also remind me of my joyful,wonderful and adventurous childhood years. Also, it would be a constant reminder that mother knows best whats good for


When I was on my way to work, I rode with the same vehicle with my former instructor. Even with my refusal, he insisted to treat me with the fare. He asked me if we have the same destination. Without even grasping what is his question, I automatically said yes only to realize that my destination is farther than him. If I will tell the truth he will infuse money to compensate my whole fare up to my supposed destination, which I don't want him to do. So considering all things, I drop by on his destination and rode again to where I am supposed to be bound for. I made two rides today instead of my usual one ride in going to work. Anyways, always thank God for all the blessings and be happy that there are still generous persons in the world. Just never mind the lapses.

Is he the one?

When you are in a relationship for a long time, you would come to a point when you ask yourself if he/she is the right man/woman destined for you. I am in this relationship for six and a half years already. Being in this relationship for that long is not that easy to achieve. We have also been tested by time may it be by our changeable emotions towards each other, opposing siblings, strict parents, or even others' curiosity trigger to end the relationship. Maybe because of our strong perseverance and commitment to continue the relationship, we made this far. With this, can I now assure myself that he is really the right man destined for me.Is it safe to say that he is the one. If long term relationship is the basis for one's security to his/her partner, why is it that some undergo a ten-year or more relationship and ended up brokenhearted. Others only take days or months and decided to go into marriage. Well no one really knows why. No calculation or formula can explain this ph

Stressful Day

I wake up so late this morning that I have to move faster with my morning rituals but I still ended up late to work.It was a big day today at work. Today was the scheduled day for fund preparation. From time to time I had to contact people concerned. Every minute matters and one wrong decision would create a big loss. Many phone-calls had been made. Glances at the computer was done from time to time. All possible questions was asked just to confirmed ones decision. Fast thinking was made. With all these, I wished at one point that all these would stop and gave me a minute of silence. But I have no choice, I must continue or else it would be a disaster. No matter how stressful it was, I made through it and like any other day it must end.But unlike any other day, I was exhausted, tired and was having a headache with this day.What a stressful day it was.

Memoirs of my Bestfriend

In a lifetime a person would be lucky enough to have a best friend that will stick up until the end.I met my best friend on the first day that I set foot on a school without knowing that we will be friends for life. She and I are classmates since nursery up to high school. We became best of friends on our fourth grade in elementary. Since then, we are inseparable. We are seatmates,teammates, classmates, and even running mates during school's election. When we attend camping or competition that is held outside the school, we are bed partners. Even when we go home after school, we walk hand in hand. In high school, we share our secrets with each other about our crushes, latest buzz with our classmates and what our likes and dislikes.It was in college that we get separated,I took up BS Accountancy and she took up BS Nursing. We studied in different schools but if we have some time we communicated with each other.We have both graduated with the degree we have chosen. It was then that t

Quantum Pendant

Quantum pendant is made of natural minerals that produces scalar energy promoting positive flow of energy in the body.I had my quantum pendant on the latter part of January 2010. My mother gave it to me as gift because she believes in what quantum pendant can do. At first I thought that it was just a marketing strategy that through demo they can show that quantum pendant can improve your balance and boost your energy. But a week of wearing it, I see the difference. My first week of wearing this I am always sleepy but I don't easily get tired. Before if I sleep late, I wake up feeling tired but now with quantum pendant even if i sleep late, i wake up feeling refreshed.My bowel movement also improved and also my stamina in working. Before,I am used to get tired after whole day of working whereas compared today after work I can still do other things like cleaning the house.Quantum pendant may just be a marketing strategy or not, I am happy to have it because for me it works!.

yes or no

Have you been to a situation when you want to say no but you can't? Then you realizes that there are consequences that you have to face and you cannot back out. Will there is this task that is given to me and due to my shyness and in order not to offend the person, I say yes. But then the task that was given was too difficult to comply. Though if i could fulfill this task more opportunities awaits me. As I comply my task more questions pop out of my mind. Can I make it? Do I have the capabilities to finish this task? How long will i last striving to fulfill this task? Then i come to realize that if this task is given to me it only means that the person who gave this to me trusted me that much that i could fulfill this. I don't want to lost that trust so i must give my best on this task. After all there is no going back and this could only lead me two things;fulfillment or disappointment. Either way it would lead me to a much mature and experienced person. But then again, life