yes or no

Have you been to a situation when you want to say no but you can't? Then you realizes that there are consequences that you have to face and you cannot back out. Will there is this task that is given to me and due to my shyness and in order not to offend the person, I say yes. But then the task that was given was too difficult to comply. Though if i could fulfill this task more opportunities awaits me. As I comply my task more questions pop out of my mind. Can I make it? Do I have the capabilities to finish this task? How long will i last striving to fulfill this task? Then i come to realize that if this task is given to me it only means that the person who gave this to me trusted me that much that i could fulfill this. I don't want to lost that trust so i must give my best on this task. After all there is no going back and this could only lead me two things;fulfillment or disappointment. Either way it would lead me to a much mature and experienced person. But then again, life must have been easy if i could just say no.



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