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Life of an Online Homebased Employee

     Six months ago, I quit my office job as a government employee. It was a very big decision that even my mother scolded me of what I did. I have come into that decision because of some realizations in my life. I am in my early thirties, married, childless, a fur mommy to three awesome dogs, travels everyday for almost four hours in going to and from office, works on weekends and seldom have time with my husband. I have these thoughts in mind when I was thinking of quitting my job. One day a turning point came that made me realized that I want to quit my office job and spend more time with my family, dogs, do the things I love and do not stressed out my body. I would only live once and why not enjoy the rest of it.      Online homebased job is not new to me since I still have my part time US client who allowed me to work for him even if I have my office job before. The difference now is that I would now be a full time online homebased employee. I say it is a risky decision sin