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NBA Games

       I had been a fan of NBA games for one year already because of my husband and his friends' enthusiasm to it. One of our acquaintances, told to us his experience of being a court side viewer of a live NBA game. It was sponsored ticket by his colleague and he was lucky enough to be given with that court side ticket. He told us that it had been an amazing experience and a very memorable one. Given a chance, I would really want to have NBA tickets and see the game live. has tickets for miami heat and the new york knicks and the utah jazz tickets . With the miami heat tickets , you would be able to see live the miami heat players as well as new york knicks with your new york knicks tickets purchased online via Why not check out for more details. 


This post brought to you by Walgreens . All opinions are 100% mine. Few days ago, I was sick and could barely stand from my bed. I was having a fever, body pains and kept on sneezing. Thank God after drinking some medicine, I was starting to sweat and relieved from  the body pains. Medicine is really important. It could gave us the treatment we needed faster than the normal rest we take. Aside from us, pets also need medicine. My landlady lost his two dogs because of the common disease among dogs. There was only a one night interval between the death of the two dogs. That is how fast the virus attacks them. If they had only been able to inject the anti-virus, it won't happen.  This is how important medicine is and lucky enough we have Walgreens that could provide medicine with discounts. It also have Prescription Savings Club at Walgreens . 1.) Walgreens is offering a special discount on annual membership for its Prescription Savings Club:


        Bingo! The shout I would love to do in the Bingo game I played this afternoon. Sad to say I wasn't be able  to do so because I did not able to form the pattern. I was just buying the food supplements my husband was taking in Personal Collection where I was a member, when the staff gave me two bingo cards. I asked for the time when it will be played and luckily I was on time. It is my first time to play Bingo game with some prizes at stake. First prize was rice cooker, second is flat iron, third and fourth are groceries. I enjoyed the game and there was a time when only one is left and I could be able to form the pattern but someone had been able to form it first. Even though I was not able to bring the prizes, I am happy to be able to participate and enjoyed the game. 

Swimming Lesson

      I was not a swimmer and it is my lifetime goal to be able to know how to swim. I love beaches but I cannot fully enjoy it because of my incapability to swim. Everytime I  swim on swimming pools or beaches, I never go to deeper portion because I am afraid to be drown or I am afraid of big waves.  Eventhough I am not a swimmer I already been to a lot of beaches but I would never jump out in the water without a life jacket. The last time that I had been to an island hopping, I cling on to my lifesaver but I was not able to explore the coral reefs because of my fear. That is why I must learn to swim.      Thank God there is a swimming pool at the neighborhood of our office. It is a restaurant with a swimming pool. I was not aware of it at first but some pool supplies where delivered at their house that I come to realized that at that closed compound there is a swimming pool inside. It is very near our office and the swimming fee is very affordable. Hope in the coming days I could be

Pimp My Cube Contest

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Contest Factory . All opinions are 100% mine.   Are you bored and sick with your messy and noisy office? Why not take a video of it, upload it and enter in the contest Pimp My Cube. They are searching for the worst, most pathetic and messy cubicle or office. Your office might have broken furniture, noisy chairs, old technology, dirty and dark attributes that made it not so suitable as a workplace. Take a video of it and upload it so that you could show and explain the details why it is so horrible and must win the contest to let the Contest Factory "Pimp" your cube. To be able to join the Pimp My Cube Contest , you must enter the video, invite your friends,family and co-workers to vote for your video. By registering,  voting, commenting and inviting others to register you would get sweepstakes entry points. The Total Grand Prize value is approximately $1200 which is to "pimped" your

Pest Control

       Termite is a destructive pest to houses.  It could eat up the whole house in days if it already infested a big portion of it. That is why it should be considered as a big problem if it is already starting to attack your houses. An immediate response is badly needed in order to address the problem as soon as possible. I could still remember that our house had been attacked by termites before. The wood division between rooms was attacked by termites that by just pressing your hand in it, it would create a hole already.  The wood became thinner and some portion where already eaten up. If you push harder a portion of it, the whole room division might collapse. Because of the big damage created by termite infestations, it was reconstructed  which is very costly to do so. If only there would be pest control company in our area like Phoenix Pest Control , I would never hesitate to contact them. We could be able to locate the portion in our house that is already infested by termites, tr

Lost Office Chair

        It is almost two weeks since the last time I sat on my own office chair which was provided on the first day of my job. I was lucky to be able to be provided by the company with all new things like table, office chair, computer and other office things needed. In other companies, the set up is different wherein new employees would settle to use pass on things used by former employees of the company. I am happy to be able to use new things at the office but few weeks ago my office chair was replaced by other employees with an old one. I don't know who replaced it or what is the reason behind this incident. I looked for it on the first floor of our  office and there was none like it so I assume someone really made an effort to carry it on the second floor. So I settle to use the old chair. When one of my co-worker already resigned I already informed her that I will have her chair which has the same design with my former chair. When I returned back after a long weekend during th