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Acquiring Properties

      Acquiring land properties is a good investment. It is the kind of investment that as time goes by increases its value. My brother-in-law had been acquiring land properties lately. He had been able to achieve it through personal loans . He applies personal loans on lending companies and had his motorcycle as collateral. It maybe one to two years installment loans but his loans would range from P50,000 pesos and above. If he would not have a lump sum about of money he could not be able to purchase land especially if their are immediate land properties for sale at a lower amount. It is his way of taking chances to be able to acquire properties even though his wife and him are not employed. They rely heavily on the daily income of their business. Having big amount of money from loans, they invest it right away to land properties. He will pay up the loans daily but he already have investments that he could gave to his children. He had been able to purchased land properties in Calinan

Google Adsense Letter

      Finally, the letter I have been waiting for finally arrived. I have waited one month from the time I receive the notification of Google Adsense that they will send the letter containing the PIN number. For the one month duration of waiting, there are already some doubts in my mind that maybe it is not true or what if the letter is lost. Holding this letter right now, erased all my doubts with Google. I now truly and surely believe that Google Adsense is for real. I will update you guys if I will finally receive my first income from Google Adsense.

Zero Pagerank

      One year had already passed since I wrote my first post on my second blog Jeepney Ride . I was having a hard time on this blog on how to improve my pagerank. Until now, it still has a pagerank of zero. I was thinking to try out other means to improve it. I want to try web engine marketing or  Posicionamiento Web to increase traffic which would mean more visits to the site. The only thing is that the idea that I would have to spend some dollars for this site causes some hesitations because I might not be able to earn it back. Sometimes I lost some ideas on what I should write about on this blog which is why until now I still haven't reach one hundred posts. Maybe this is one of the reasons why I have a low pagerank. It is also not a very interesting topic that I am not having a lot of viewers. For now, it already has more than twenty followers and more than a thousand as all time page views. Somehow, it is earning in Google adsense and in some other pay-per-link websites. My

Cutting Cellphone Bills on Half

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Straight Talk for SocialSpark . All opinions are 100% mine. Cellphones had been part of our basic necessities and became part of our monthly bills. Being part of our monthly expenses it would be better if we could cut it in half. You would be crazy if you are still in contracts these days when there is a much cheaper alternative. Just imagine the amount you could save by switching to Straight Talk. With Straight Talk there are no contracts, no surprise bills and no credit checks. They have great nationwide coverage and excellent reception or connectivity. The most important thing of all Straight Talk only uses trusted phone manufacturers like LG, Motorola, Kyocera, Nokia and Samsung. Straight Talk also offers various monthly plans to choose from. "All You Need Plan" meet the needs of heavy phone users with 1,000 minutes, 1,000 texts and 30MB of web data. They also have monthly unlimited service

Internet Scams

     Internet scams had been widely spread. If you would not be careful, you could be a victim of it. There are a lot of victims of it because of the big amount at stake. Some would ask for your personal info and passwords and they use it to earn money in the internet. There are also scams wherein they will give you some tasks to do in the internet but when it is paying time, they will not comply. Some well-known sites are being used also in scams like scam . As internet users, we should be cautious in opening websites that are new to us. Most especially, we should not response to sites that requires some amount of money to be paid without clear basis on what you are paying. We should be very careful and should not be tempted on big amounts that is very offered as income when we are not sure how to earn that money and on what way will it be given to us. Before you undergo some business venture in the internet, make sure that you have research about it and verified in some w

Feeling at Home

       The week is almost over. It would be my first week at my new job. So far, I like my current job and I like the ambiance on it. My workplace is settle in a private subdivision and the building is a private house. I told my senior that I was hesitant at first to enter because it is a house and not a corporate building. She told me that the owners were tricked because they are new to the place and they didn't knew that the property they bought is a house and not a corporate building. Eventhough it is a house, my senior likes it and I like it too because eventhough you are working you will still feel being at home. It was a big house with big rooms wherein our computers with big LCD monitors are situated. It is still like a corporate set up with office chairs and furniture complete with   asset tags and are situated in rooms or in the living or dining area. The outside appearance is a living house but once you get inside a working environment awaits you. My senior told me that

First Day at Work

      Today is my first day at my new job. Though there had been a nationwide strike today, I was able to reach my destination on time. My new workplace is a bit farther that my former job though the salary difference between the two is quite large. If it did not only coincide in the bracket of the salary I wanted to have, I will not accept it. Good thing, my new job gives good compensation and it will give me the experience I needed. I hope I can stay a bit longer in the company.

Great Little Worshipers

             I am a newly converted Christian. It has only been months from the time I was baptized up to now. It is my personal decision and I am happy with it. I had been able to know more about Jesus and had a closer relationship with Him. God showed me everyday His greatness and words would not be enough to express my gratitude to Him. As a newly converted Christian, somehow I am challenged by my husband's nieces and nephews who had been great worshipers at an early age. They worship the Lord without inhibitions. They cry out and say Jesus in their worship. In one of the crusades we attended wherein mostly of the visitors are unbelievers, they never hesitated or be ashamed in showing how they worship the Lord. These great little worshipers had been an inspiration to me.

Organic Natural Makeup

        Little girls really wanted to put some makeup. They always look at makeup artists on how they put the  different cosmetics. As a child they always wanted to be big girls that applying makeup is one of the things they imitate. With the many products that come out in the market right now, parents should choose organic beauty products that would be safe for the children. It is safe even if Kids Play Makeup and they used it. With its organic content, it is good for the skin specifically on the face which is the visible and sensitive part of the body. Beside from its quality organic content, it would also show our natural beauty. 

Things We Want To Have

      iPad, iPhone, Kindle, Laptops, LED TVs, PS3, Watches, Jewelry and Toys are some of the things we want to have. These items are fast moving products in the market because of the latest model that  comes out every now and then. Though there are a lot of these in the market, it still cost a lot and as a buyer we think a couple of times before buying it. We would be lucky enough if we could have it as a gift, a reward or as a prize  which is no cost at all but still we can now have it at a lower price through . is a  newly launched website that gave higher discounts  in the form of auctions. It is a risk free bidding because no shopper will go home empty handed with their “Buy It Now” option wherein if you bid on items and do not win it, you can use the bids towards buying the product. They also have beginners auction for starters wherein beginners can polish their skills in bidding. There is also no weekly or monthly win cap wherein each shopper has the

.10$ - 5$ Daily PPC Income

     PPC (pay-per-click) has been widely known with netizens especially those who wants to earn online. Months ago I had been accepted by Google AdSense in which ads are posts in my sites who pays out base on per click on the ads by the visitors of my sites. So far the ads in my sites are doing good but my income haven’t reach the minimum threshold of $100 which is why I still couldn’t claim it.      Aside from Google AdSense, a week ago I had been able to register on a pay-per-click website also. It is wherein it has a registration fee of $35 or P1750 in peso. Thankfully in one week time I had been able to earn up my capital through the different rewards they gave because of the invites, the downlines and the support of my upline. Though I already earned up my capital, we are still halfway in earning up my husband’s capital. is a combination of networking and PPC. In every invites, there is a finder’s reward of $4 and when they paired up as your downline you will

Unstable Internet Connection

      Is this really how unprivileged people living in the province are? First is the long hours of no electricity and now the unstable internet connection. When I am still in the city, the longest time that there is no electricity is four hours unlike here which is two days. Now the internet connection is very much unstable for two days already. Few days ago the website where I earn online per click was under repair and now that it is okay, I am having an unstable internet connection. We are using wireless broadband connection because the internet cable connection is not available in our place. Although we live near the national highway, we do not belong in the town proper where the phone line and internet cable connection is being offered. So, I have been using wireless connections but if the cable connection is available I would prefer to have it than having unstable wireless internet connection. For the meantime, I must endure this for I don't have a choice. I just really hope

Missed the Kalivungan Festival

        September 1 is the "Araw ng Cotabato" day. We celebrated the day of our province with a festival, the "Kalivungan Festival". Each town must have a representative in the street dancing. My alma matter in High School represented our town. They had been rehearsing everyday, day and night. Some of my former teachers had already been asking for donations to fund the expenses of the practice and for the props. They performed their street dance on the day of the festive. Unlucky for me, I wasn't able to watch it. It was Thurday and every Thursday I attend the prayer and fasting. Also, the construction of our small building for guest is still on process that I have to assist my husband in the preparation of the food of the carpenters. I totally missed the street dancing presentation for the Kalivungan Festival but still I knew the result of the contest. Our town, Pigcawayan, got third place, Pikit is second and Alamada won the contest.