Unstable Internet Connection

      Is this really how unprivileged people living in the province are? First is the long hours of no electricity and now the unstable internet connection. When I am still in the city, the longest time that there is no electricity is four hours unlike here which is two days. Now the internet connection is very much unstable for two days already. Few days ago the website where I earn online per click was under repair and now that it is okay, I am having an unstable internet connection. We are using wireless broadband connection because the internet cable connection is not available in our place. Although we live near the national highway, we do not belong in the town proper where the phone line and internet cable connection is being offered. So, I have been using wireless connections but if the cable connection is available I would prefer to have it than having unstable wireless internet connection. For the meantime, I must endure this for I don't have a choice. I just really hope that the internet connection would already be stable by tomorrow.



mangiawithmario said...

Hi Reina! I am so sorry about your Internet connection. We come to depend on the Internet for so much and when it's out our whole life rythym gets thrown off. I hope you are back on soon. Best wishes!

reina said...

Hi Mario. Thank you so much for your concern. Thankfully, my internet connection now is more stable compared yesterday.

delle said...

I hope that you're still cool there. ;) A smile to you so you smile too. Hihi

Just visiting and followed you.


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