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Carrying a Locker

             I am used to carrying a lot of stuff in my bag. I always bring with me my cell phones, wallet, booklets, and sometimes books and laptop. It looks like I am carrying a locker with me.              During my schooldays, my bags would rip up because of a lot of things in it. Thank God in college, there are school lockers for rent, which lessen me from always carrying my books. When I was employed, our company doesn’t have employee lockers but instead we have drawers and cabinets which is not safe because there are incidences of theft. That is why I always bring my belongings with me that once again I’m back to my old ways, almost carrying a locker with me.              Funny it seems but no matter how heavy my bag is I will still carry it with me. What matters to me is that every time I needed something it could be found in my bag. I may seem carrying a locker with me but at least I would always be ready for anything.


Tommy is a half Japanese pitch and half shitzu breed of dog. He was given to me by my boyfriend who is now my husband. Tommy stays wherever the mini pick-up car of my mother is because he always ride in it. He likes to pop out his head out of the vehicle to see the view and feel the wind. Every time we travel from Davao to Pigcawayan, he is always alert and would never sleep. This is Tommy, my first ever pet.

Coping Up

          It has been awhile since the last time I post in my blog. I'm still coping up with all the responsibilities I must attend to. Last week had been a tough one wherein I must divide my time to my work, my masteral studies and to my husband. In my MBA class, we have a new teacher for our last subject for this semester. We are required to submit a comprehensive report about some selected chapters in a book within a week. Thank God it was a group work. I had also been busy with work wherein my boss is asking me for some reports. When Wednesday came, my husband arrived. He keep on asking me if I could take a leave from Thursday to Friday so that we could avail our one night stay at Eden Nature Park as a birthday present to him. But I couldn't ask for a leave because I have a lot of reports to pass. I just go home with  him in the province during the weekend in exchange for his request.I am very grateful that he still understands me despite his annoyance towards my busy sched

Edrich Joy’s 1st Birthday

Time flies so fast, I barely notice that my niece is now one year old. It looks like few months ago when my sister conceived her. Since it was her first birthday, it was a bit special with a lot of food prepared for the party. We had lechon, fried chicken, afritada, cake,ice cream and a lot more. We also had balloons, party hats and giveaways for the children.My brothers were also present to attend our beloved niece’s birthday. My brother who was assigned in Surallah,South Cotabato go home just to attend the party. My mother, my elder brother and I went home from Davao to be present in the celebration.I hope Joy-joy would really appreciate it someday and that she would always be a good girl as she grow up.Happy Birthday Edrich Joy!!!

Hot Spring at Lake Agko Resort

Scenic View along the Way To Jacuzzi Steam Bathhouse At last we made it. We were able to reach Lake Agko Resort. It is the resort nearest to Mt. Apo, the highest mountain of the Philippines. My husband’s relatives referred it to us as a suitable venue for relaxation. It would take 30-45mins travel from Kidapawan City,North Cotabato. The resort has hot spring, swimming pool and steam bathhouse. It was my first time to swim in a pool with warm water and to experience steam bath while smelling the sulfuric vapor. It was a very unique experience added up with the cold and peaceful location away from the noise of the city.

How to Own a Car at a Lower Cost

           Cars right now are very expensive but there are already a lot of ways on how to own a car at a lower cost. Mostly of the car owners right now acquired their car through car loans. Banks offer this scheme wherein a fixed amount is paid monthly. This is convenient yet costly. Another way of owning a car is by purchasing surplus cars or second hand cars from imported car dealers. This requires a onetime payment but there are some car dealers who accept payment in installment basis. Aside from imported car dealers, it is cheaper if you could buy it from a friend, relative or someone referred to you wherein you could renegotiate the price. Sometimes there are also companies that submit their old vehicles for bidding. The initial bid price is usually lower compared to market price. If you are lucky enough you could buy it at a lower amount just like some repossessed cars offered by lending companies at a lower price.                Another way of owning a car at a lower cost is