Coping Up

          It has been awhile since the last time I post in my blog. I'm still coping up with all the responsibilities I must attend to. Last week had been a tough one wherein I must divide my time to my work, my masteral studies and to my husband. In my MBA class, we have a new teacher for our last subject for this semester. We are required to submit a comprehensive report about some selected chapters in a book within a week. Thank God it was a group work. I had also been busy with work wherein my boss is asking me for some reports. When Wednesday came, my husband arrived. He keep on asking me if I could take a leave from Thursday to Friday so that we could avail our one night stay at Eden Nature Park as a birthday present to him. But I couldn't ask for a leave because I have a lot of reports to pass. I just go home with  him in the province during the weekend in exchange for his request.I am very grateful that he still understands me despite his annoyance towards my busy schedule.So here I am still coping up with all my roles in life that sometimes I forget that I am also a blogger who should post in this blog. :)


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