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Discovering Tamugan

            It was my husband’s niece birthday and they celebrated it at Tamugan River. Tamugan River is one of the water sources of Davao City. It is located in Barangay Tamugan, Calinan, Davao City. It is a 15-30 meter wide river with deep portions conducive for swimming and diving. It has clear water and a lot of big rocks were scattered on it truly emphasizing how awesome nature is. Aside from Tamugan River we also went to the hanging bridge. It is a bridge with wooden planks hang by a steel cable. It is swaying in every single step and when you look down, the strong current of river water is very visible. It is the only way of the residents who live in the opposite side of the river. What amazed me with this hanging bridge is that it is not only passable with barefoot but also with a single motorcycle even though how narrow and shaky it is. Well, this is what Tamugan offered me for an adventure, an adventure you must also try.

I Miss Her

It is almost a year since I received a text message that my bestfriend passed away. Few days ago I dreamed of her and it was a pleasant dream which reminded me of this day. Today is her death anniversary.Lately, I encountered some things that has a connection with her. When I went to the market, I met her mom and when I rode back to Davao, my seatmate in the bus is one of our close friends.All these reminded me of her. Although I already accepted the fact that she is not with us anymore, I still couldn't disregard the pain and the sorrow of losing her. She died of lupus in the organ, a very rare disease. A disease which I believe is without cure and letting her go is easy than to see her suffering but I still miss her terribly. I miss her on the day of my wedding, she could have been my maid of honor. I miss her when I have no one to talk to with my problems, she had been a good listener. Maybe the reason why she visited me in my dreams is that she wants me to know that she still c

Having Fun at the Kimarayag River

     Beside the farm lot of my husband’s family, the Kimarayag River flows. My husband told me that years ago it is a very small river and that it widened as years pass by. Now, it would range from 8-10 meters wide but the water is shallow because of river silt. You could still swim on it or have an adventure of motorbike  trekking on the river. It is really a source of fun and adventure especially to children.

Skyrider at Eden Nature Park

It was my first time at Eden Nature Park.It is a nature park and at the same time a resort  located here in Davao City. Aside from the different room accommodation it provides, there where also a lot of recreational activities to choose from and one of them is Skyrider. It is a two-way zipline adventure. We climb up a several feet high platform and equipped with a safety gear we hang up in the zipline cable to be able to cross to the opposite side. . At first there is doubt  if it is safe and there is fear at the same time because it is very high and you would just cling on to the harness that is connected to the zipline cable.Amidst the doubts and fear, the experience is very rewarding.The feeling of hanging up in the zipline cable which is several feet above the ground is truly amazing.It is priceless and unexplainable that you must try it yourself.It should be oneof the adventure you must try.

Mountain Adventure

The first day of the year was a holiday. My husband got bored and invited his nieces and nephews to go swimming in the river near their farm lot. The kids went ahead of us accompanied by my brother in law. Along the way when we met an intersection,my husband took the different road instead of following the road going to their farm lot to be able to show to me the nice view out there. Riding a motorcycle, we track down the steep, rough and narrow road that lies ahead. We rode as far as it is still passable by motorcycle.We have reach Limpaki.  The highest peak in our place,Mt.Akir-akir, is the mountain next to it. It is a beautiful scenery wherein the rivers, roads, mountains and communities in our province including Ligwasan Marsh, Polloc, the national highway,Libungan, Pigcawayan and Cotabato is visible. It was such a great mountain adventure added up with the fun of riding a motorcycle with a scenic view that surrounds us.It was truly an adventure you must try.

Nights with Nephews

              My nephew and I had been so close. When we are together we are inseparable.He always   follows me around and sleeps with me.His name is Edrian. He is nine years old and already in grade three. On my husband's side, he is very close to his nephews and nieces. He is closest to his four-year old nephew named Ace who always sleeps with him. Now that we are married, the problem is the kids still want to sleep with us.              When my husband and I returned to   Davao, my nephew,Edrian,cried because he is not permitted to sleep with us. I didn't expect that he will react that way because he is old enough for that reaction.My mother and brother got angry with him that I pitied him that is why I allowed him to sleep with us.On the other hand, when we go home to the province, Ace was already sleeping in our bed.Oh, these kids are one of a kind. I'll remember these nights with them so that when they got older I could bully them about these.