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Excel Problem Solved!

           I was so happy that my problem in Microsoft Excel was already solved. I value my time a lot that  I hesitated in referring my Excel problem to our IT because it might take a lot of hours. I already informed my team leader about it and she emailed our London base client regarding my problem with their programs in Excel. We got a reply instantly but the only suggested action was to close and open the Excel. I have tried it but it won't work. I could not download a statement and it would not copy paste formulas. I left nothing to do about it but to ask my co-employee to download the statement for me and send it to me. It has been like that for a couple of days. Then one day, I thought of searching in the Internet the solution to my problem. Thankfully, Google Search suggested a lot of sites. In one of the sites, the suggestion was to uninstall my Skype Click to Call plug in. I tried it and it works. I could now copy and paste formulas in Microsoft Excel. I was a great reli

Weighing Scale

             I had achieve the first step in watching out my weight which is buying my own weighing I am more keen on quantitative basis rather than mere intuition which is why I bought a personal weighing scale. I really want to assure than I am losing or gaining weight based on what the weighing scale presents rather than rely on my own feelings and observation. Now I know that I am still overweight no matter what type of weighing scale I will use but with this weighing scale, I could now keep track on my weight. 

Beauty of Flowers

      I don't know why I am always captivated by the beauty of flowers. I think most women feel the same way as I do. I could still remember the feeling of being given a flower rose by one of my admirers. It was an ordinary rose but I really appreciated it. I don't know the reason why most women who where given flowers appreciated more their lovers rather than those being given by other things. Flowers always have a significant role during Valentines Day. During this day most women have flowers on their hand given by the one who loved them. The beauty of flowers captivates them and somehow conveys the hidden messages of the giver to the one given.        Flower is also good as home decor. It gives life to any part of the house as well as refreshes the odor of the house.         It is also very important on weddings. The event would not be complete without those beautiful flowers as bouquet, decor or garlands. The aisles would not be beautiful without those fresh flowers.  

Team Building at Pearl Farm

        Pearl Farm was our suggested place for our team building. At first, we thought it would never be approved because it is quite expensive at 2,500 pesos per person. Thank God, it was approved by our BPO Head who was currently at Barcelona who at same time appreciated our initiative to do so. Since we haven't had issues to resolve, it became more of a company outing than a team building activity. It was my first time in Pearl Farm and I was amazed by the beauty and luxury of it. It was amazing how they combined native and modern design of cottages. The beach and their infinity pool is very conducive for swimming. The white sand beaches and the delicious food is too good to forget. Thank you Amicorp for the free getaway!

False Hope

      Another false hope it has been. There are some certain things that we ask from God that only He knows when is the right time for it to be given. Then there are these things that we never asked for but was given, only to realized we badly needed it. Only God knows what is right for us. It is better to have false hope than never really hope at all. It is better to have false hopes, which reminds us that there is God who is more powerful and better designer of our lives than us, than to have granted hopes which made us forget God. Another false hope it may have been but it keeps me clinging on the idea that someday God will grant my special request. Fortes in Fide!!! Strong in Faith!!!

MBA Summer Class is Finally Over

       At last, after seven Saturday meetings our MBA summer class is finally over. Another nine units will be added to my MBA credentials. Though, I sacrificed my rest day, travels and leisure that I could do every Saturday, I know that time will come my MBA units will be very useful to me. I enjoyed so much my summer class and it also added my list of friends. Most important thing is that I learned a lot. From prodman subject to human behavior, there are a lot of things to be noted that is very applicable to the workplace as well as personal lives. Good time management had been very essential to me when I am having my summer class. I have to divide my time to my work, my husband, my family and my studies. Before, I usually go home to our province twice a month but since I have my classes every Saturday, my husband has been traveling instead in order for us to have time with each other. A lot of travel plans had already been postponed since I could not come. Studying as well as worki