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Free Saturdays

     I am officially not enrolled for the second semester in my MBA class. Our request to open first semester subjects was not granted by the registrar. This means that I have a lot of free Saturdays wherein I could leisurely stroll wherever I wanted to go. I would still have to follow up my grades in my academic writing subject where writing research papers had been the final output. I am anxiously waiting for the result of it because I am not confident with the output I submitted.      Since I have no class every Saturday, I do not have to worry any academic reports, assignments and other requirements. My Saturday schedule is very much available for any trips or outings with friends and family. There had been a lot of rejection of invites before because of the conflict of schedule with my MBA class.        Now that I am free from academic activities, this Saturday’s planned schedule to have a road trip to the southern part of the Philippines. I was never been there before and

Email Notifications

     It has been months now since I was given the task to send email notifications to our foreign clients. It is a good opportunity for me to harness my communications skills through writing.  It was not that hard enough for there are already pro forma written notifications for it like custom essays that need minimal revisions. There are also times that there are no pro forma statements to it that I have to careful choose my words in expressing my thoughts, questions or notifications. The email notifications should be concise, understandable and should not in any way offend the client. Luckily I was able to have clients that are very understanding and could easily grasp what I wanted to say in the messages I have sent. They give time to read every email sent and reply quickly to any queries.       Email notifications had always been a part of my daily activities at work. It has been a good means of communication especially that our clients had been miles away across countries. It


         My husband and I finally decided to disconnect our postpaid internet connection. After several times of thinking about, we decided to permanently disconnect it. It was just five months since we apply for it and it is still in its locked up period wherein we were charge of P550 for its disconnection. We are paying P999 monthly for it but we are not able to maximize its usage. I was the only one using it and my vacant time to use it is only after work. When I am using it, there are instances that the internet connection is very slow and keeps on disconnecting. The P999 charge which is automatically billed to my credit card is not worth it. If only there is  that would maximize my internet usage and optimize the internet charge as well. I was just using the internet for my blogging and to be able to update my account in social media sites. My income in blogging is not enough to augment my internet charge. My available time is also not enough to maximize the usa

Writing Experiences

       When I engaged in blogging, it has given me more writing experiences for a not so good writer like me. There was a point in my life where I admitted to myself that I was not born to be a writer. Even if I already started writing for a high school newspaper, I could still not admit to myself that I am a writer. I find difficulty in writing essays or news report for that high school newspaper. I was just doing it back then to earn points for extra-curricular activities and maintain my academic standing. Good thing for me I was able to have a very good adviser who supported me in my writing endeavors  During my junior years in high school, she first assigned me to write for a Science page together with a partner and luckily it won an award. When I was in my Senior year, I was hoping for a higher position in that high school newspaper but it was not given. I just console myself that maybe I was not that good enough or maybe they want to maintain the award for that Science page whi

More Concerts

          Few days ago my friend invited me to watch an air supply concert. I said yes but only to find out that there were no tickets left. I was so eager to watch concert of foreign artists for I have not experience that before. Foreign artists rarely come to our place and watching them live would be so memorable. The latest foreign artist that went to Philippines is Jennifer Lopez. I think J.Lo started to conduct concerts for latin shows . She handled her career well that even up to now she is very popular and could still be included in concerts for new age events  . As much as I want to watch J.Lo perform live, I was not able to do so because it was too far from my place and the tickets are so expensive or there would be no more tickets left for me as well as a lot of Filipinos like me would be very excited to see J.Lo perform live. Hope in the coming days or months there would still be a lot of concerts and other tickets  that would be cheaper and readily available as well. Tic

No Grade Yet

     I was a bit worried about my academic writing subject. The second semester already started yet I still do not have a grade in this subject. I was not enrolled this semester because I already finished the subjects offered for this semester. We write up a request for opening of some subjects but it was not granted. The graduate school is strict in following the  subject offered per curriculum. Since I was not enrolled I am hoping that I would not neglect to follow up my grades in academic writing. I learned a lot from that subject but it is still not enough inorder for me reach the point of being capable to provide essay writing service . Thus I do not have high hopes in getting a high mark in this subject but I do not want to have an NG (no grade) mark in my report card. Having an NG would need some follow up on the instructor as well as some documents to be passed to be able to have a grade. I do not want to disturb my instructor on this matter but if there is still no grade afte

Long Vacation in Palawan

This had only been a dream before and I cannot believe that it came true.  Puerto Princesa Airport is the place where I first set foot  in Palawan.  This is the place where my one week vacation started in the beautiful place of Palawan.      El Nido had been our main destination when we came to Palawan. We traveled almost six hours from Puerto Princesa to be able to reach El Nido. It is in the northern part of Palawan and it is famous for its beautiful island, beaches, caves and coves. It is famous internationally and very much visited by foreign tourists. When I came up here I was amazed at the seashore by the limestone mountain, the beautiful white sand beach and added up by the different nationalities of foreign visitors present in that area.  Island hopping had been our whole day activity in El Nido. We visited caves, lagoons, mountains, islands and beaches. Those two cute boys above are my husband's nephews and had been our companions together with their

New Dresses

     I was so happy for the new dresses I received from my sister-in-law. Though it was not given for free but the dresses had been bought for a very cheap price and I immediately reimburse my sister-in-law for the equivalent amount for it. I was able to have new blouses, cardigan and one whole dress. I immediately fit them all and all of it was exactly at my body size. I really like the whole dress and the cardigan for it. The only problem I have for this dress is that when I fitted it, my bulging stomach is not so pleasing in the eyes. It was really bulging in the dress.       I really wanted to use that dress that I am so determined to be physically fit and loss that bulging stored fat in my stomach. I hope the 90 day workout will work as well as an effective diet. Also, more and more people are already noticing that I get fat and it is not good anymore. More people are advising me to reduce weight to be able to conceive and as well as away from illness. Since I gained weight, I