Email Notifications

     It has been months now since I was given the task to send email notifications to our foreign clients. It is a good opportunity for me to harness my communications skills through writing.  It was not that hard enough for there are already pro forma written notifications for it like custom essays that need minimal revisions. There are also times that there are no pro forma statements to it that I have to careful choose my words in expressing my thoughts, questions or notifications. The email notifications should be concise, understandable and should not in any way offend the client. Luckily I was able to have clients that are very understanding and could easily grasp what I wanted to say in the messages I have sent. They give time to read every email sent and reply quickly to any queries.
      Email notifications had always been a part of my daily activities at work. It has been a good means of communication especially that our clients had been miles away across countries. It is also cheaper compared to communications thru phone calls. The number of email notifications in a day is also unlimited. After months of exposure to it, I am now starting to love writing email notifications. 



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