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Jed's Place

It is been a while since I had been to a beach. Thanks to my husband's cousin, Jed, we were able to relax in the beach. Jed was married to a Danish and had two daughters. She was able to acquire a property in San Remegio, Samal near in Kaputian. Since they will be on vacation this year, Jed's father is preparing the place where they will stay in that property. Jed's father was alone in their so we decided to visit him. We stayed their for two nights and two days. It was relaxing to stay there, away from the busy life of the city with a constant beautiful view of the sea. Till the next visit.


We are now bigger with additional people and bigger space for our company. It was almost two years since I had been employed in that company. Back then we are only eight with four translators in three different foreign languages and four analyst. Now we are twenty analyzing financial   statements coming from almost thirty countries in six foreign languages. Some addition to our team were translators that are online tutors in foreign language and some came from the business industry and were all young. It is good to know that the company is expanding and continuing its operation. Being in a BPO industry, job security is not attainable but I am hopeful it would be. In my almost two years in the company I could say, I had been there during its lowest and highest point. I was there when the former company was closed and a new company was formed. I thought we are in the brink of losing our job back then. I was also there during its most productive time. We had also been visited twice by

It's Been a While

It's been a while since I wrote my last post. I had been so busy with my job and  my MBA class already started. I was now engaged on doing daily journal readings, preparing PowerPoint presentation and doing some requirements for my class. It is always a busy week but I am glad that I was able to handle it well. I am now about to finish my first subject for this semester. Thank you Lord for this opportunity.

Sisters Reunited

I was so happy that finally my aunt and my mother settled already their differences and made peace with each other. It was years of conflict and misunderstanding that put a division between them as sisters. Even the division of their inheritance was brought to court in order for their inheritance to be legally divided. I know as time pass by, my mother misses her older sister and longed for the time that they will be ok. The right time came and happened fitted for the occasion, our family reunion. We thought that the moment will not happened, but at the end of the reunion when we are about to separate ways to go home, my mom and her sister talk. It went nicely and my mom even got teary eyed upon talking to her sister. It is an answered prayer and I thank The Lord for it. I hope this will be the start of a new beginning of having a peaceful and united family and could not anymore be divided by conflict and misunderstanding.